For the past week and a half I’ve had the privilege of watching my daughter care for her little angel Dakota in my home. He has colic and thrush, so he is very uncomfortable. We do a lot of holding, she does a lot of nursing and nurturing and we just love him through his discomfort.

What has been amazing to me is that regardless of how exhausted she is, she always talks to him lovingly and serves him with all that she has in her. This is my baby you are talking about, she is 22 and the minute she held her son in her arms there was great love and care for that little one.

I am in awe watching her care for Dakota. I can see how tired she is, he is not sleeping well, but she does whatever he needs to be comforted, day and night.

Many women don’t have children because they can’t or choose not to. I just have to say, God knew what He was doing when He created women with a tender heart, a soft voice and a gentle touch. And He also knew what He was doing when He made a mother’s heart as happy as her saddest child. The love runs deep…I am witnessing this as I write.

Yes indeed, motherhood does come from the heart.

“Moms out there, know that God loves you and has trusted you with a beautiful soul to love, teach and raise unto Him.”