What if your most sacred dream or thought was out in the open for everyone to see, judge and criticize? Would their opinion matter? Would it stop you from living to your potential?

What if you were working relentlessly to get it done and life was way different than what it is now?

What if instead of keeping yourself in the same place doing the same things and never going beyond the point of comfort, you did something totally out of the ordinary, you stepped into the person God intended you to be and changed your world and of those around you for the better?

What if…today was your last day to make a move on the things you’ve been planning on doing and because you thought you would do it tomorrow, you missed the whole experience?

What if…you felt you should’ve said something and you doubted your inspiration…and the opportunity to speak was never presented to you again?

What if…you told fear to shush and you let courage take over? What would you do? How would you feel? Where would you be?

“What if you trusted God with all the details of your life and let Him take you where He meant for you to be? How different would your life be now?”