Monday I was soooo tired. I have had company for two weeks and have loved every minute of it. The only problem with that is the repeated late nights of good conversation it brings into your life. I spent delicious hours talking late or holding a baby during the day. These treasures do come with a price…you get bone tired.

I wouldn’t trade the things I did the past two weeks for anything, and would do them again in a heart beat.

On Monday, when all was over…I did NOTHING. Well, I set in front of the TV and watched my favorite show for now “Lie to Me,” on Netflix, it is fascinating and I watched way too many episodes. Normally I would feel guilty for doing that, waste so much time doing nothing, just being entertained. However, my body needed the ‘doing nothing’ and I chose to listen to it. Sure, I could’ve read or slept, instead I just watched TV and it felt great! No guilt involved.

Yup, I am guilty of doing nothing and enjoying it!

“When was the last time you did something for yourself and enjoyed whole heartedly, without an ounce of guilt because you thought you should be doing something else?”