Ok, so I’ve been working at this for the last 4 weeks pretty consistently, still not 100% where I want to be...a work in progress I would say.

I am grateful to be here where I am physically, mentally and spiritually. It took a lot of work getting here.

I am at the heaviest I ever been in my life. Unfortunately I allowed myself to get here because of emotional eating…if I felt stressed, food was a friend…if I felt sad, food was a friend…if I felt happy, food was a friend. Food was a friend because it comforted me, it wasn’t hurtful with words and it tasted good. To top it all, I love to cook delicious things!

Nobody else sees food as a friend, right?

Well, I decided that food was a weakness of mine and I didn’t like it. So, I decided to give that weakness and a few others to God everyday when I wake up.

Guess what happened? My very large sweet tooth is gone! My bread craving is gone! My craving to eat all the time is gone!

The desire to stay in bed early in the morning instead of walking is weaker than the desire to get up and go walk!

Next week I might even try my Zumba  DVDs 🙂

I’ve been lacking on the scripture reading, however, I’ve been meditating on what I’ve read, thinking about what it meant and learning new things from them.

So, today writing here I am committed to re-shape me!

Spiritually feeding myself, eating right, in check with my emotions and they DO NOT rule the day, exercising, meditating and journaling.

Also I am going to report here on how I am doing, on Fridays. I think it is good to hold myself accountable to something, and my Blog it is.

On the eating right, I simply cut white flour for the most part ( on occasion I will have a taco, a slice of pizza or the delicious naan bread that I found at Costco :)), very little bread (and when I do eat it is is wheat), I drink juice whenever I would drink pop (which I don’t drink a lot of it to start with, it is so not good for the body…I cannot begin to tell the ways), I am drinking lots of good water = not tap (a quart for each 30 lbs), not there yet, getting closer, I do smoothies almost every day and I am using a smaller plate when I’ve been eating at home (smaller portions in general).

Also, I decided that if I goof on the food, it is not the end of the world, it doesn’t take me to ground zero so I might as well give up and I can just accept it and do better next time around. I forgive myself quickly and get back on track.

On exercising, this week was the very first week I went walking for the 5 days. It felt fantastic! I like exercising, it is just getting there that is sometimes challenging. I used to hate exercising.

Keeping my emotions in check has been much easier than before. I firmly believe that people’s opinions of me or what I am doing are none of my business. It is about them, how they are feeling about themselves. It makes staying positive much easier and then it becomes a habit!

Spiritually fed helps to be spiritually strong. Staying focused spiritually and knowing that when I turn to God He is glad to perform miracles in my behalf. I just got to call down the blessings I am ready to receive and trust that He will deliver what I need and can use today.

I am committing myself here today. To a healthier lifestyle, it is 3-D, one cannot just change the eating and succeed on keeping the weight off, nor can the spiritual and emotional be addressed individually and .

“Will you join me and change something small that can help you get a little healthier?”