Do you love the life you are living?

Can you love what you living?

If the answer is ‘no, I cannot love what I am living,’ have you consider stopping and changing the course of your journey?

If it is work you don’t like…start looking for what you love to do…decide you are changing and when the opportunity shows up, embrace it with all you have (keep working until you get there…your job becomes the means to get there, instead of the dead end job because you have to).

If it is a relationship situation…a lot of times we feel we can’t change anything because we can’t change other people, however, we can change ourselves and our attitude; ask God to show us how He sees them…it changes anger and frustration to compassion and mercy.

If you just have gotten a rotten life (or so it feels, looks and ‘smells’ that way)…look around…I am positive you can find someone with a worse lot than yours…and if you watch it closely, they are handling better than you are…they have peace in it because they brought God into it…maybe that can help you adjusting your lot and doing it differently.

If it health…what can you do to improve it? I don’t mean finding another pill to take…I mean in your life style…eat better things and eat less junk, drink more water, go for a walk, slow down on those cigarettes, cut down on those drinks, meditate, pray, get into the spiritual side of your life, stress less, let go of what you can’t change, quit micro managing, take care of things that really matter to you…anything you can do to better treat your physical body is an improvement…one step at a time.

Any situation can be improved with a positive attitude and a dose of desire for change. It is up to each of us to stop and look, see what can be changed and go with it!

“Will you do something today that will help you love the life you are living?”