Well, this week I am setting some goals. What are goals?

“Dreams with a dead line.”

I wrote before that I dream only the dreams I okayed with God. Because if He okayed them, they are attainable. Then I go to work, following promptings, doing the work and expecting it to happen (meaning, I take any and all negative, fearful, doubtful thinking out of my brain).

Then I ask Him when is a good deadline for those dreams…He tells me and I put them on the calendar. I have found that if I don’t get there by the said date it is 100% certain that I didn’t do my end of the deal. Either I wasted time, OR I feared, OR I doubted, OR I didn’t do the things I needed to get done, OR I didn’t think it was that important…OR a combination of or all of those combined. The bigger the dream/goal, the more I am stretched and grow in the process.

I have had some amazing dreams come up and they got realized. I am working on a couple of goals right now that honestly, it took me a long time to let go of the doubt and fears I held for them. Now I am finally free of them and I can see the dreams getting closer. I will report when they do come to fruition.

My smaller goals I’ve got going right now are:

– Have my power hour every morning (studying scriptures, reading a good book and journaling). Still working on that one, when the kids are back in school, the routine will set in and I am going to be back on track flawlessly…right now it has been hit and miss. I call it “work in progress.”

– Exercise 5 days a week (whatever I feel like, zumba, walking, dancing, weights…) doing well for most of it, getting there…

– Eating right (for most of the time, no natzies allowed…if you eat healthy most of the time, then what you do once in a while won’t take you off course as bad)

– Keeping on top of my house, so it doesn’t look like an earthquake just happened (kids at home, company in and out, doing things…it can get hairy very fast)

– Stay positive regardless of what is happening before my eyes…there is a silver lining in every stormy cloud, so there is good in everything.

Those are my immediate and daily goals. Simple, attainable and healthy for me.

Goal setting is empowering and challenging. I love a good challenge, it makes me feel good when I finish it and l can see how it brought the very best out in me (that is a choice I consciously get to make on the journey to accomplish that goal).

“Do you have goals? Are they attainable with some effort on your part? What did you do for your goals today? Goals need to be bigger than you are right now, so you can be a better person when you get them realized.”