Yesterday my son came home shortly after he left for work, he was driven by a complete stranger that left without giving me a chance to thank her, he was hopping and had a bandage on his leg.

He bikes to work and has biked to school for the last school year as the weather permits. He likes the exercise. Yesterday he was biking to work and the pedal hit the back of his leg pretty hard and it punctured his skin pretty deep. The hit was hard enough that it locked the bike, he had to stop and walk it, that is when he saw his leg was bleeding pretty bad.

A lady going to the store, saw it and stopped to help, she ran into the instacare that was right there and got someone to come out and bandage him. A couple of missionaries stopped and tried to help also. And the lady that stopped to help, drove him home with his bike.

Now, everyday I pray for the safety of my family…and my prayer was answered yesterday. He rode to work on a different route, because of road construction, which put him right next to an instacare, which was on the way of the very nice lady that helped him and had a big enough car to carry his bike home.

I don’t believe in coincidences, I do believe the hand of God is in our lives as much as we allow Him. I am grateful for the choice I made long time ago to place my life in His hands.

I am grateful for mortal angels that allow God to work through them.

“When was the last time you were a mortal angel to someone? Will you do it again today?”