Ooops! My Friday was way too much fun with my husband being off and going on a hot date…I didn’t get to blogging…my apologies. Here I am on Monday reporting on my Friday progress.

My eating went as well as it could’ve gone with being on the go and cooking yummy things for the family’s last week of summer.

I did make zucchini bread and I did have some (even though I used white flour, sugar and chocolate chips in it). I didn’t eat it out of control as I used to…so that is progress. If I had to count, I would say I averaged a slice a day. Not bad for the former bread-aholic I used to be.

Exercising…Did well for the first part of the week, then didn’t. Well, I did go to the Parade of Homes and walked up and down stairs, in and out of houses and I feel I didn’t do too bad for the week as a whole.

Spiritual…did read my scriptures on and off. Did pray often and did serve. Need more improvement on that department. Today I did get up 5:10 in the morning to read and did so. It felt great!

Weight reduction. Actually I did retain water this week, lack of drinking it as much as I am used to. Working on it this week. This morning I am doing my Zumba DVD and finding out how out of shape I feel. Ha! Changing that too.

Have a fantastic week changing something you don’t like or feel that needs improvement in your life!