As I got up early this morning (first time in a long time) to read my scriptures a very intriguing question popped into my mind.


It got me thinking…really thinking…

When am I evidence of God’s work? How am I evidence of God’s work? And how am I allowing God to work through me?

I think I am evidence of God’s work when I do these things:

– love unconditionally and without expectation of being loved back

– choose not to take offense when I am exposed to offensive behavior and hear offensive words directed at me. Choosing to forgive and let go

–  not judge because it is not my place to judge anyone

– look for joy in the middle of the worse storm and not quit until I find it

– let go of fear and exercise the faith needed to bring down the miracle

– be positive around negative surroundings, people and situations

– have courage to stand for what is right, even if it means standing alone

– follow the promptings of the Spirit

– serve someone in a way they will see God through my service

– spend time in the words of God so they can be written in my heart, spoken in my words and lived in my doings

– live what I profess to believe…walk my talk

– wake up each morning and put myself in the hands of God and do His agenda

– give gratitude in everything that is happening, the blessings and the trials (blessings in disguise)

– pray about everything and listen to the reply

– accept God’s answer, even if it is not what I was hoping for

– take care of my body, spirit and mind…there are no replacements for those

– be more, grow into my potential every day

– be compassionate with everyone, I don’t know where they’ve been and where they are headed

– use the God-given knowledge I have received

– be more Christlike

The list is way longer than this. I choose to start here with these things I wrote down.

Am I evidence of God’s work? 

Although I want to say a loud YES, I still have much work to do. It comfort’s me that most of the time yes, I am evidence of God’s work. 

“Is your life evidence that God is in it with you?”

Another thought that just came to mind after I wrote this post…evidence is evidence 24/7, it doesn’t stop being evidence just because…working on that 😀