So interesting how things work.

The scriptures have so many answers to so many issues in so many different ways!

As I told you I am working on a goal that is the biggest, the baddest, the most exciting and the scariest thing I ever worked on.

God has asked  me for obedience, faith and trust. I am giving Him all that I can muster and then some. Well, when you are involved that deep on the dream God helped you build, the devil is not going to like it. His first tool to be used is doubt. They sound like these, doubt that you can do this, doubt that God is helping you through it, thinking that it is too big for your little britches, believing that you don’t deserve it…These will immediately turn into fear, fear will reassure you that the doubts are right and there goes all your hard work, right?

WRONG! I am so done with this program!

I don’t have a favorite scripture per say, I do have several that have carried me through life over and over again. Here is one of them. It is Judges Chapter 7 (KJV).

There are two armies that are going to battle. One has 32.000 and the other is HUGE!  “And the Midianites and the Amalekites and all the children of the east lay along in the valley like grasshoppers for multitude; and their camels were without number, as the sand by the sea side for multitude.” (KJV, The Book of Judges, Chapter 7:13)

The Lord knowing the hearts of men, knew that He needed to make it really obvious that the battle could not be won without His help. So the army of 32.000 (the good guys, the ones with Gideon) had to be reduced in numbers. The Lord told Gideon to go ask them who was ‘fearful and afraid’ (KJV, v.3) and let them go home. Well…22.000 left, that leaves 10.000 against the multitude like grasshoppers.

Why let them go home? In Deuteronomy 20:8 (KJV) you will find “And the officers shall speak further unto the people, and they shall say, What man is there that is fearful and fainthearted? let him go and return unto his house, kest his brethren’s heart faint (HEB melt like his) as well as his heart.” Fear is contagious and it spreads worse than chicken pox!

Then, back to Judges, still, 10.000 were too many according to the Lord (vs. 5,6). From the 10.000 Gideon got to keep 300 that were watchful and prepared.

Here is beauty in this thing. Gideon himself had fear (v.10)…I think I would too. The Lord told him how to take care of his fear. He did show Gideon beyond a shadow of a doubt He, God was in charge (vs. 10-14). Gideon then worshiped (v.15) and went to the men with faith, knowing God was with them.

He was precise in giving them the instructions from the Lord. Those men were precise in obedience and immovable in obeying. They were humble to give glory to God. What happen? Well, the battle was won without anyone dying on the army of 300 men. They stood courageously, not sure how the outcome would come to pass, they had the promise of the Lord it would work out…without all the details given. They simply trusted and obeyed.

The challenges God put into this were pretty generous in size, it brought the very best out of them because they were willing. The great opposition the adversary put in there was their personal fear…and unfortunately many gave into it, more than two thirds of them.

The marvelous thing that happened was they stood for God, very few numbers and were delivered in a glorious way, the kind of glory that only God can deliver.

Sooooo, me and my big goal. I am letting go of all that I don’t need (fear; doubt; wanting to know how, when and where; creating solutions in my own head; etc) and I am embracing all that I have before me (faith; trust; knowledge; promptings; desires of my heart that are well known unto God; prayer; etc) expecting nothing less than greatness showing up on my path very soon.

I shall write when everything comes to pass, I am in the middle of it.

I invite you to read Judges Chapter 7 and see if there is something in your life that needs a bit of cleaning up and letting go.

“When was the last time you allowed God to show you how majestic He can be for you?”