Have you consider this?

We tend to say that when such and such thing happens we will be happy…when we achieve a goal we will be happy…when we loose so many pounds, we will be happy…when the economy changes we will be happy….when we get a better job, a bigger home, get travel around the world, when, when, when…

Have you noticed that when we say that we are missing the opportunity to be happy right now?

None of us is promised tomorrows, we are granted todays, we are granted moment by moment…and we take them for granted.

So, how about deciding today to be happy right now? Regardless if life doesn’t look as you wished, dreamed  or it doesn’t reflect all the work you have put into it, life is life and we are blessed to have it!

Today I am enjoying every moment of the day…even cleaning my fridge, doing laundry, exercising and taking care of my family…ha!

Simply because I have the moment in my hands to decide how I feel about it.

I would rather remember good things than a lot of time looking forward to something that is not here yet and missing the gladness in the moments that come and go in every 24 hours we are granted each day.

“Will you look at what you are doing right now and take a second and find the delight in being there and living it to the best of your abilities?”