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I was so excited on Saturday afternoon, my oldest daughter (Kamilla) called to let me know that my youngest daughter (Adrianne) that had been with her down at Lake Powell was on her way home to us!

Yup, my little ray of sunshine was coming home! I missed her!

It was late at night and we went to get her 30-40 minutes away from our home going south. As we are happily driving home with Adrianne in the car, half way to our destination we get a phone call from my second oldest daughter, Aileen (almost midnight) and she has been in a car accident. She is fine, very shook up and needs a ride (an hour north of us), so we just kept on driving on the freeway towards her.

As I was talking to her on the phone, she fell apart. She had fallen asleep behind the wheel and got really close to the car in front of her, she over corrected and went left, which was the middle of the freeway, then she over corrected  again and crossed the freeway (all 5 lanes, including the on ramp), didn’t hit anybody, she hit the dirt shoulder, spun around and got turned to the opposite direction of traffic, landed on the driver side of the car (the people who called in, said it was a rollover, but it wasn’t…barely) and her car landed on 4 wheels.

With all of that, her airbag didn’t deploy, she has not a scratch or bruise, she said that she felt someone just held her in place (she didn’t even hit the door of the car), also, no windows broke or the doors didn’t get smashed in. She has not a bruise or scratch to tell the tale.

I told her that God had just delivered a miracle to her, give thanks.

As a mother my heart went to my toes and back. I was giving thanks to God all the miles there.

She is fine, we are finding out on the car today. She named him Scout. I thank the Lord Scout was sound and held together so my baby would be safe.

I thanked the Lord for sending angels from heaven to hold her in place so she would be safe.

So, from where I stand today, miracles still happening. For that I am very grateful!


More Getting in Shape 3D


This week has been great as far as exercise goes. I did the video(s) of the Rockin Body indicated for that day and found muscles that I forgot existed and I think I might have created new ones…haha, no, just really stiff on the next day. And yet, exercising away and loving every minute of it…well, loving what I can see is changing already of the few days I’ve been consistent with the program. Letting go of some extra weight and firming up hips, legs and tummy. I was impressed with how quick the results are showing up. This is my first solid week of doing it, the other two weeks I was sick on the first and the second my deep freezer broke, so I was canning from sun up to sun down.

On food…well, my kids were gone to Lake Powell to be with my older daughter and husband…so Kurt surprised me with dinner. We had lobster (needs lots of melted butter to taste good, right?), buttered asparagus and buttered sweet potatoes. Also, in the middle of the week I really wanted a milkshake. So I went and bought me a small snickers one, so I could savor it and enjoy every bite of it. I didn’t feel guilty, I didn’t feel ashamed, I just enjoyed it and eat small and well for the rest of the day.

On spiritual side…I’ve been having a feast! Reading my scriptures, reading good books, and learning a lot. Taking lots of notes! Applying new things in my life and enjoying every minute of it! Really, every single one 😀 I also have encircled myself with good people who are inspiring and are working on achieving their goals and dreams. That has made a difference.

I am also working on my vision board. In it there are the physical changes I am working on in myself, the dreams and I have little things too, so they can come off of it and my brain can learn that it is possible to do whatever is up there, because I ask God before I put it up there.

Soooo, it has been an excellent week as far as taking care of me. This is my update…what have you been doing for the betterment of you?


Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 11.46.59 AMReading a great book!

Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill, changing my old laws, awakening my renewed faith and focusing on the good!

Done with the devil’s program. No more idleness, no more drifting, no more fear. I am in for the best of the rest of my life!

Join me?

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 11.11.03 AMHow my day is going to go it is up to me. Life doesn’t tell me how I am going to feel, act or unfortunately react to things that happen.

I decide that.

I am living today with a great positive attitude.

Join me?

God Is In It With Me

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 9.58.47 AMI am so thankful that God is in every detail of my life.

I asked Him to come into my heart and He has lived there ever since.

The more I let Him in, the more I can get done the right way. The more faith I exercise, the more miracles He performs around me, through me and in my behalf.

I love being right here, right now where He led me to today.

Life is so much better when the Master Planner is in charge. I don’t need to know the how, the when and the who. I just need to show up with a willing mind and an open heart.

Are You Inspiring People?




Yesterday I was surrounded by inspiring people, people who overcame huge obstacles, people who were rebuilding themselves and people who were building dreams.

They were building dreams without fear of not being enough to obtain them…they know it will require huge change to obtain a huge dream. They are going for it.

People that really gave me the desire to think better things, be better than I am right now and do better than I am doing!

I walked away asking myself if I am inspiring people…there is a lot that I can improve in that department.

So, today I am thinking on a different sphere. What good can I bring into your day that will make it better for you?

If you cross my path today or any day from now on, that is what you are going to see.

“May we all strive to inspire and help someone along the way…It is simply majestic how this attitude changes everything.”

By The Way…


Today I woke up at six in the morning and came down to get school lunches ready. My son came up from his room and said; “by the way mom, there is a puddle by the big freezer.”

I asked if it was big or small, he said; “you just got to see it.”

That is not a good sign, right?

Right! It was a mess, I don’t know what happened, but the top got really frozen and the bottom had no ice…it filled up my day a bit.

Well, I had helped a friend move a month or so ago…she gave me all her freezer stuff, My freezer which was semi empty became full! My other friend had shared her garden with me and I froze veggies for smoothies later. My daughter had apricots that were delicious and I froze them for smoothies also.

Well, today I get to can all the meat, I gave thanks for all the canning stuff that I already had, the pressure cooker that has been collecting dust and the time I get to spend doing all of these things.


As I am cooking all the day long, I am listening to inspirational CDs. I am cooking with a smile on my face! It feels good to be edified and to be learning something new.

I am so grateful for the freezer that broke down, it completely changed my agenda…a bit frustrating at the beginning, however, I am getting fed spiritually and taking care of temporal things.

My friend brought peaches for me to can…she dropped them off today…haha


The neighbor offered my husband some raspberries…got to go pick them…oh how delicious it is to have a bounteous life!

The timing is a bit cramped, a lot of work all at once, and yet…I am feeling pretty blessed today!

A New Day


Today I am staying focused on the Lord. He is working some pretty fun stuff in my life and I am truly enjoying it! It has been an interesting road to travel, not being able to see all that is ahead, and yet, knowing that it is all good because of God, not because of me.

He is changing me from inside out! Looking back to a year ago, I can tell you that fear and doubt were a part of me. Today, faith and courage have replaced them. It was a process, I am not going to lie, it was a lot of work, a lot of letting go and embracing new truths…sometimes I didn’t know if I was going to make it through…it was hard to put one foot in front of the other.

I did! I stuck with it, trusted that God knew better than I and He has taken me to many new days, with a new mind and a heart that is fertile ground for faith to grow.

Today is a new day! It is filled with whatever I am focusing on, whatever I am looking for I am bound to find it.

I am looking for the good; for joy; for dreams that will change me in the process; for people who are looking to move forward, onward and upward so we can work it together; for smiles and mostly…for the greatness of God in all things.

My invitation to you today is this:

“Will you unwrap the gift this new day is and find the good in it?”

Staying Focused on Getting in Shape 3D


So, this week…I get to enjoy hay fever!

The thing is, once it gets going, it goes sinus, inside itchy (throat, inner ears and nose), then lungs…yup, that is the course that I have successfully cut it short with each experience, and yet, it still happens once in a while. Working on that, one of these days it shall be gone for good…I am looking forward to it.

Because of it, I didn’t get to exercise much this week, it started on Monday night, so I got to ‘enjoy vegetating’ at home. Eating has been good, studying has been awesome and I got many insights that were needed.

It was a big emotional week for me, extended family stuff, and I found out that the buttons that were created as I was growing up, that I thought I had cut off all the wires to it, were still there. So, since I was just vegetating at home, I had the blessing of working on complete removal! Fascinating how the mind works!

This week the part of 3D getting in shape was an inside job. Not physical or food intake, just matters of the heart and mind. Let me tell you, it is a work out to figure it out, I truly loved getting it done!

Enjoying the journey, every step of the way. It is creating a better me!



Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 9.06.35 AM

Yesterday I was in deep contemplation of my life thus far.

There are moments that when I re-visit they are sweet and put a smile on my face; there are those somber ones; those that I would do anything to take it back; those that I wish I could change because hind sight is 20/20…you know, your normal life.

The nice thing about it is this; I’ve changed so much that today I am in a much better place then when I started the journey!

I let go of traditions that were not healthy to me or anyone else, I changed behavior because I changed thinking and I changed my life because I produced my thoughts with God in mind.

I was pleased to see that I am walking my talk to the best of my ability for the day.

“Will you pick one thing that you can make it better today and do it?”

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