Well, being a holiday weekend I got to spend time with the kiddos and the hubby. So, Friday and Monday I didn’t get to write blog entries. I apologize.

I am learning all kinds of goodies along the way. Eating can be delicious, nutritious and fun…even when you are concentrating on getting smaller.

I am eating in a dessert plate, it looks fuller with smaller quantities. The fork gets put down after each bite. My mother in law taught me that years ago, but a mother usually wants to eat her food hot while dealing with little ones, so we learn to inhale our food and not chew it enough or even taste it, let along savor it. Now little ones are grown up, so I can enjoy my meal and I don’t have to be the first one done so I can feed someone else. If I could do it over, I would eat my meals before feeding my little kids, so I too could enjoy it!


So, I’ve been enjoying slowing down to eat, putting my fork down after each bite and chewing my food thoroughly. That has been a new thing to practice this week. The goal is to master it.

Reading scriptures has been amazing. So many treasures…nothing to do with what I was reading, simply because I was reading, my mind was open and my heart received answers to prayers. That was fantastic!

And exercising…doing my best and my body is changing because of it. I am excited to get my new DVDs that I can dance until my heart is content! My weight fluctuates because I am building muscles and shifting mass, however, I only weight myself once a week and I tell myself that the numbers are secondary, what matters is health. Letting go of the weight is a consequence of good things in the mind, heart and body.

Well, I am happy with my progress so far. I got to enjoy a small dish of mango/peach homemade ice cream and that was plenty. My partial steak, big salad and couple of homemade rolls were plenty for dinner. Why? I savored every bite of it and eat it slowly, it really does get you full faster.