So, I am committed now.

Got my DVDs of Rockin’ Body with Shawn T. and started a serious exercise program.

The first day I did it in the morning and at night I found long last muscle friends that I had forgotten existed. Yup, they were speaking loud and clear, ” What are you thinking? This hurts! You are going to regret this!”

On the second day I did it at night and my muscles were still very loud opposing the program. I didn’t listen, went with it anyway.

On the third day, today, I did it first thing in the morning. It didn’t hurt at all, I was kind of stiff, but I didn’t hurt.

Soooooo, It takes me whatever time the program has the combinations of the workouts. I am still a bit uncoordinated, drinking a quart of water with each workout and going for it!

It feels great! The good endorphins are kicking in and I can tell they are working. I already can feel a difference on the energy level and I am sleeping better. I was exercising before, my walks, hiking, Zumba and dancing.

With this, it is 6 days a week…so far, so good and on going.

Spiritually studying to my heart’s content and eating smaller portions of great food. I am eating slower, less food and getting fuller faster.

This was a great week! 

Will post again next week-end.