We all have buttons that when pushed, have the potential of powerful reaction, which we usually regret at a later moment.

Well, the problem here is…they are our buttons and we powered them up.

Yesterday I found buttons that I thought I had completely disconnected the power to it years ago. Someone pushed them and voila, I was in the reaction mode.

Well, good thing is…I kept my mouth closed, did a lot of hum hums and kept it to myself. Finished the conversation, cried a lot, got the rest of it out, worked on those buttons not having power over my emotions anymore and I was able to see clearly what I needed to do.

It is not people’s fault I have built-in buttons. They may find it and push it intentionally or by accident…they are my buttons to empower or get rid of it.

Lesson learned. People will push buttons throughout my life, what I do with those buttons is up to me.

Today I am going through my personal control panel and getting rid of relic that I’ve been holding on to, completely unaware they were still there.

“Will you take a look at your buttons and disconnect those that are no good to you or anyone else? It feels great!”