So, this week…I get to enjoy hay fever!

The thing is, once it gets going, it goes sinus, inside itchy (throat, inner ears and nose), then lungs…yup, that is the course that I have successfully cut it short with each experience, and yet, it still happens once in a while. Working on that, one of these days it shall be gone for good…I am looking forward to it.

Because of it, I didn’t get to exercise much this week, it started on Monday night, so I got to ‘enjoy vegetating’ at home. Eating has been good, studying has been awesome and I got many insights that were needed.

It was a big emotional week for me, extended family stuff, and I found out that the buttons that were created as I was growing up, that I thought I had cut off all the wires to it, were still there. So, since I was just vegetating at home, I had the blessing of working on complete removal! Fascinating how the mind works!

This week the part of 3D getting in shape was an inside job. Not physical or food intake, just matters of the heart and mind. Let me tell you, it is a work out to figure it out, I truly loved getting it done!

Enjoying the journey, every step of the way. It is creating a better me!