Today I woke up at six in the morning and came down to get school lunches ready. My son came up from his room and said; “by the way mom, there is a puddle by the big freezer.”

I asked if it was big or small, he said; “you just got to see it.”

That is not a good sign, right?

Right! It was a mess, I don’t know what happened, but the top got really frozen and the bottom had no ice…it filled up my day a bit.

Well, I had helped a friend move a month or so ago…she gave me all her freezer stuff, My freezer which was semi empty became full! My other friend had shared her garden with me and I froze veggies for smoothies later. My daughter had apricots that were delicious and I froze them for smoothies also.

Well, today I get to can all the meat, I gave thanks for all the canning stuff that I already had, the pressure cooker that has been collecting dust and the time I get to spend doing all of these things.


As I am cooking all the day long, I am listening to inspirational CDs. I am cooking with a smile on my face! It feels good to be edified and to be learning something new.

I am so grateful for the freezer that broke down, it completely changed my agenda…a bit frustrating at the beginning, however, I am getting fed spiritually and taking care of temporal things.

My friend brought peaches for me to can…she dropped them off today…haha


The neighbor offered my husband some raspberries…got to go pick them…oh how delicious it is to have a bounteous life!

The timing is a bit cramped, a lot of work all at once, and yet…I am feeling pretty blessed today!