This week has been great as far as exercise goes. I did the video(s) of the Rockin Body indicated for that day and found muscles that I forgot existed and I think I might have created new ones…haha, no, just really stiff on the next day. And yet, exercising away and loving every minute of it…well, loving what I can see is changing already of the few days I’ve been consistent with the program. Letting go of some extra weight and firming up hips, legs and tummy. I was impressed with how quick the results are showing up. This is my first solid week of doing it, the other two weeks I was sick on the first and the second my deep freezer broke, so I was canning from sun up to sun down.

On food…well, my kids were gone to Lake Powell to be with my older daughter and husband…so Kurt surprised me with dinner. We had lobster (needs lots of melted butter to taste good, right?), buttered asparagus and buttered sweet potatoes. Also, in the middle of the week I really wanted a milkshake. So I went and bought me a small snickers one, so I could savor it and enjoy every bite of it. I didn’t feel guilty, I didn’t feel ashamed, I just enjoyed it and eat small and well for the rest of the day.

On spiritual side…I’ve been having a feast! Reading my scriptures, reading good books, and learning a lot. Taking lots of notes! Applying new things in my life and enjoying every minute of it! Really, every single one 😀 I also have encircled myself with good people who are inspiring and are working on achieving their goals and dreams. That has made a difference.

I am also working on my vision board. In it there are the physical changes I am working on in myself, the dreams and I have little things too, so they can come off of it and my brain can learn that it is possible to do whatever is up there, because I ask God before I put it up there.

Soooo, it has been an excellent week as far as taking care of me. This is my update…what have you been doing for the betterment of you?