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Getting in Shape 3D Going Strong

So, since Wednesday last week I’ve been living with a cold. I did a lot of emotional work, letting go of icky stuff and replacing it with good. I did the mental part, the heart part and then the body decided that I was going to do the body part too.

I am here to tell you, when you eat pretty clean most of the time and then decide to eat not so clean, the body notices it. It is ok to do it not in a frequent basis, but if you do it more than you should, it is going to tell you all about it.

Well, here I am, since Sunday ( I started it with a fast), I am behaving in food. I am eating lots more veggies and fruits in my smoothies, no refined sugar, staying away from processed foods, no yeast anything, my carbs are grains, brown rice and potatoes, and LOTS of good water (alkaline).

Doing my reading, not as much as before, getting better at that today.

Exercise…humm, that one has been on hold, since coughing has been a constant, breathing would be kind of challenging as I exercise. Looking forward to getting back at it again!

Well, this is my report…a little challenged, and yet, I am keeping on going! Not giving up! I am worth it!

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Life Without Regrets

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How Much Can You Love?


Wow! 200 posts! I feel like I should celebrate or something 😀

This has been very fun to do. A blog…I never thought it would actually get written. To put myself (through my thoughts and words) out there for people to see (read) and be ok with that. I’ve learned of countries I didn’t know existed!  This is exciting!

My journey has been long, hilly, “valleyy” and the most amazing adventure one can have.

From growing up in a unique situation, to hitting bottom of the barrel kind of depression (thinking suicide was a good solution) to becoming positive, loving life in every moment, not just the good ones and reaching out to hopefully make some kind of difference in someone else’s life that might be going on the same path I just got off of.

When we allow fear to govern our thoughts and feelings, we miss out on so much!  We don’t love as much as we are capable of therefore we are not loved as much as we are made to be loved.

Our creativity is our most individual gift from God. We are so unique, so powerful and so beautiful!

Do we believe it? Do we embrace that truth? Do we live like it?

So, today to celebrate my 200th post, I am loving with all my heart, learning deeply and sharing it with everyone I come across.

“What are you doing today that will make the day better for yourself and your world?”

So, my Friday post is a little late…almost a week late.

Life has been blessed beyond belief and I just have been enjoying the blessings.

Ok, eating…I’ve done better, smaller portions, not so many treats and eating healthier. It feels good.

Exercising, I exercised 4 days last week, which is an improvement since my canning adventures. If felt fantastic to have those endorphins waking up in my brain and energizing me.

Spiritual and mental…can I say WOW?! I’ve been immersing myself in the scriptures and great books, doors in my mind are opening that I didn’t even know existed.

I am a size smaller (still tight), so I choose to keep wearing the bigger size, it feels great to be comfortable in my pants and even better to know that I can get into smaller ones if I want to.

This is a fun journey! I am working on it as I go, guilt free, seeing results and loving myself each day. Regardless if I did great, well or bad in my eating, exercising or studying I am going to keep on going. It is a long road, traveling my life with joy in my heart. That helps my health all by itself 😀

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 8.17.31 AMHave you thought about this…the adversary cannot have a family of his own, therefore  he will do his utmost to destroy every family he can?

Have you consider this…God is willing and ready to fight your battles for you with the opposition?

When husband and wife decide to put their minds together (quit arguing about the small stuff and start building a path to travel together with the same beliefs, goals, dreams and courage), their faith becomes stronger and their spirits soar high on the journey of life. That kind of love cannot be bound, destroyed or broken.

How would it be if couples would take the time to put their minds together, open their hearts to each other and let nothing get in the way and trust God to be a part of their marriage? How much more would be accomplished, how many children would grow up knowing who they really are and how weak and powerless would this make the adversary 🙂

“I am in, my husband is in…will you join us in this amazing journey?”


So, I was very blessed this past week with an abundance of apples and grapes!


Yup, you’ve guessed it, I got to put it all up in jars. We have an abundance of apple pie filling, apple juice and grape juice.  I got to pick them, wash it and preserve it.

The work was great! Now I am almost at the tail end of it. Due to all the abundance I was given, I didn’t exercise much since I was on my feet for the bulk part of the days, working in my kitchen. I exercised once last week and walked through Costco a couple of times looking for different items that I forgot I needed when I got to the cashier. I thought that would count as exercise, right?


Reading a lot in my scriptures and great books! So I am feeding my spirit and my intellect.

Food...well…I “had no choice but” to taste the apple pie (not really, I just wanted to) 😀 I haven’t made the filling in bottles in years…so I got to taste it! It was very good!

Overall, I ate smart, besides the apple pie, and also started doing my green smoothies. It tastes good to drink healthy again.

My weight has not gone down for the past 2 weeks, my body is shaping up, my pants are loser, my shirts fit better and I feel better. Although the weight remained the same, the shift in the body felt awesome.

Today I am back on the wagon of exercise. Shawn T. kicked my hinny again. Not for long, I am sticking with the program.

So, working on staying focused on this 3D getting in shape program. I am in it for the duration of it, I am worth it!

Where Am I Headed?

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Be Vigilant


What Do You Know?


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