So, I was very blessed this past week with an abundance of apples and grapes!


Yup, you’ve guessed it, I got to put it all up in jars. We have an abundance of apple pie filling, apple juice and grape juice.  I got to pick them, wash it and preserve it.

The work was great! Now I am almost at the tail end of it. Due to all the abundance I was given, I didn’t exercise much since I was on my feet for the bulk part of the days, working in my kitchen. I exercised once last week and walked through Costco a couple of times looking for different items that I forgot I needed when I got to the cashier. I thought that would count as exercise, right?


Reading a lot in my scriptures and great books! So I am feeding my spirit and my intellect.

Food...well…I “had no choice but” to taste the apple pie (not really, I just wanted to) 😀 I haven’t made the filling in bottles in years…so I got to taste it! It was very good!

Overall, I ate smart, besides the apple pie, and also started doing my green smoothies. It tastes good to drink healthy again.

My weight has not gone down for the past 2 weeks, my body is shaping up, my pants are loser, my shirts fit better and I feel better. Although the weight remained the same, the shift in the body felt awesome.

Today I am back on the wagon of exercise. Shawn T. kicked my hinny again. Not for long, I am sticking with the program.

So, working on staying focused on this 3D getting in shape program. I am in it for the duration of it, I am worth it!