So, since Wednesday last week I’ve been living with a cold. I did a lot of emotional work, letting go of icky stuff and replacing it with good. I did the mental part, the heart part and then the body decided that I was going to do the body part too.

I am here to tell you, when you eat pretty clean most of the time and then decide to eat not so clean, the body notices it. It is ok to do it not in a frequent basis, but if you do it more than you should, it is going to tell you all about it.

Well, here I am, since Sunday ( I started it with a fast), I am behaving in food. I am eating lots more veggies and fruits in my smoothies, no refined sugar, staying away from processed foods, no yeast anything, my carbs are grains, brown rice and potatoes, and LOTS of good water (alkaline).

Doing my reading, not as much as before, getting better at that today.

Exercise…humm, that one has been on hold, since coughing has been a constant, breathing would be kind of challenging as I exercise. Looking forward to getting back at it again!

Well, this is my report…a little challenged, and yet, I am keeping on going! Not giving up! I am worth it!