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Did this on Facebook and decided to have some fun!

Everyone is unique and have little things about them that are theirs alone…I thought it was fun coming up with 8 of them to post on my wall on Facebook and now I thought I would have some fun here on the blog. Soooo, here we go!

– I went parasailing over a Lake in Utah when I was 17 (I don’t like heights, so this is quite the accomplishment)

– I love to ride horses

– At our house the toilet paper has to roll from the top of the roll

– My husband and I have 2 tubes of toothpaste, I don’t mind how my tube functions, his tube is neatly worked up from the bottom

– I love getting handwritten letters

– Being a beach bum at heart is a wonderful thing

– Liver and onions is a very tasty meal

– holding hands with my sweetheart has a favorite side, my right hand and his left

– wild flowers are my favorite

– life used to be very negative and dark, change is possible

– showers are way better than baths

– pack rat used to be my middle name, letting go of that is wonderful!

– barefoot was my way of life, now days Crocks around the house are the most comfortable

– learning to be more of a listener than a talker

– hiking is fun

– perpetual student is my name

– I laugh at myself often

– I drink a quart of water every morning before I eat anything

– it is so easy to go overboard on things, self-control is learned

– getting to know people is a treat

– I am a fish, love water

– foot zoning is very helpful to get healthy

– emotions and what we do with them affects our health

– on down moments I look for what I need to do to get back up quickly

– I can find the most expensive thing on a rack without looking at the price tag

– journaling is a part of life

– reading is second nature

– living is much better than surviving, done both

– I post something positive on my FB page almost every day

– energy is limitless, powerful and moving all the time

– I am a helpless romantic

The list goes on.

“What is unique about you? Do you enjoy it?”