So, I would like to talk about fasting.

As you know by reading my posts, I am a Christian and love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it literally saved my life.

Fasting is a part of my life for the spiritual side, meaning, I do fast in prayer to weaken the body and strengthen the spirit, it works.I’ve been doing it for years and it has brought me to places I know I wouldn’t get to but through fasting in prayer… This past week it became a part of my life from the spiritual and physical side. It is a powerful fast way to cleanse the body. I don’t recommend you go out and do this. I got to do this because of much prayer and desiring to know what God wanted me to do.

As I said before in this 3D series, I have a tendency of addiction. Food, sugar, video games on the phone, in the past, drinking…you know…I have a very all or nothing personality.

So, I did a 3 day fast. Only drinking little water and a little bit of fruit juice…all in prayer. It was an amazing experience! My mind got clear, my heart felt right and my body welcomed the cleanse. Is it for everyone? No! Is it hard? It was easy in the first two and a half days, then as I mentally knew it was coming to an end it was a little harder. I was able to prepare food for my family with no problem. Because I was focused on the purpose of the fast.

So, my 3D fitness for the past couple of weeks has been the 3 day fast and then really feeding my mind, body and heart good things. Eating way better and reading like nobody’s business. Embracing in service and spending lots of times in my scriptures.

I am stripping yet another layer of me that is not necessary anymore. I am in a better place. I am loving the transformation.

I am worth the work, the time and the change. It is a long road, yet, I am not alone.