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Have you notice that we tend to ‘own‘ everything?

We own our family members, our things and places?

Well, here is a little secret…we don’t own anything!

We will be long gone and everything will be left behind.

People will come with you…their choice of course, but every possession we ever had, will be left somewhere in some journey of yours.

We can’t make our bodies work how we want them to…the only thing we own is our will and if we are smart, we subject that unto God to get anywhere worth going.

Soooo, if we don’t own people or “stuff,” we are not disappointed or angry when things don’t go the way we planned or wanted.

Let’s say you lend your favorite book to someone…they returned it with a few pages missing and the cover is bent.

If you owned that book, you are going to be bent out of shape. It was your favorite, it was lent to a friend and it came back damaged!

If it is God’s book, He knew what was going to happen…He just wondered if you were ok with what happened. How you would handle it…

And if He is ok with what happened, then why shouldn’t we be Ok with whatever the outcome is?

People are more important than things, places and events.

And they too belong to God, not us.