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Sometimes we pray to God fully expecting to do our part of the solution needed. And then…He answers that prayer in a totally unexpected way and it helps you let go of pride, it fulfills your needs and blesses others.

When asked to serve by God, I am willing to do it and do it to my best capability, for Him. When being told I am going to be served…it is a humbling experience. It is knowing the God you pray to is so very aware of every detail in your life that He is making sure that you get every needful thing…He sends His mortal angels and answer your prayers in ways you didn’t utter…He just knew the need was there. You see, the more humble one is, the closer to God they become. Sometimes we are not humble enough…so He creates life events that you get the opportunity to do that, choose to be humbled with much love and develop a deeper sense of gratitude.

Although it is much easier and much more fun to serve, I am grateful to be served at this time and taking the opportunity to let go of more pride…it feels great in my heart!

“When was the last time you allowed someone to serve you and felt great about it? No guilt involved…just gratitude.”