Have you ever had a Christmas season that you are not excited to decorate, bake or shop? I was having one of those seasons. Whether you are tired, not healthy, not wealthy (broke), not feeling happy or all of them combined?

I usually am very excited to decorate the day after Thanksgiving and get the house looking like Christmas.

This year, for some odd reason, I wasn’t excited at all. As a matter of fact, I dragged getting decorations out as long as I could.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Savior and I do have a relationship with Him, just not in the mood to do the traditional things people do at Christmas.

However, I am very blessed to have an eleven year old girl in my life. She is my angel of cheer, faith and joy. And…she is as tenacious as her mother…I got more tenacity due to age, she got more spunk…also due to age 😀

I am so grateful she kept on bugging me and bugging me…we got the containers out (the guys did, the girls decorated) and we went about decorating.

Christmas has a special Spirit about it. It is the spirit of giving…and receiving. I personally love to give presents. I love paying attention to what people say during the year and make mental notes of the things they express a desire to have. Then I love to receive their reaction as they open it, smiles and contentment clearly on their faces… foremost, I love receiving the love of the Savior for me and us all…His life, the purpose of His life and His infinite Atonement for every soul that ever lived.

I am so grateful for the angels God sends to us on constant basis. They might be mortal or from beyond the veil, they all love, care for and help us to get where we are meant to be.

So, my house now looks and feels like Christmas. I am thankful for a daughter that pushed me and pushed me to get it done.

May your Christmas be filled with blessings, people who are special to you, may your heart be open and may the love of Christ bring all the good things it has to offer into your life…may you be in tune enough to see it, embrace it and be happier for it.