IMAG0380_1First I must apologize for not posting as regularly as I usually do. Life has been blessed beyond expectation and I had to let go of some things for the moment.

Now that all the festivities are almost done (after tonight there should be some normality back) and then starting on Monday, routine is welcome to come and rule again! I love routine in my daily tasks.

The picture is one of my journal entries today.

I am so glad that each year is made up of months, which are made of weeks, that are divided into days and those are constituted of moments that we live and we choose how we hopefully act, not react as we see things unfold before our eyes.

There are many things we have no control and they simply show up for us to deal with.

Since I started living the moments with all the faith I can muster, all the love I can give and looking for all the good I can find…life has taken a huge turn for the better.

So, today I am giving thanks for everything that was brought into my life in 2013. There were some miraculous great things, there were some amazing blessings, some trials that I would rather not have had, and yet, I can see the good they brought into my life and some pain that it would’ve been much nicer to not have experienced…and again…they were what I needed to bring the very best out of my soul. Farewell 2013…

Welcome 2014! I am looking forward to living  up to all you have to offer!

I am looking for the great people, things and events in each day I am given, I am committed to doubt my doubts before I doubt my faith and I promise to give my very best in all that is presented before me.


Make it the very best year you have lived thus far. Happiness is a daily choice, not a given.