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My life has been a bit on the fast lane with a slow car…haha

I am getting my fast car soon…working on it daily and my slow car is going a little faster each day.

What I mean is, things have changed and I get to learn to manage time differently. Guilty of wasting a bunch of that precious stuff (time) everyday, I now get to take count of every minute of it. I used to get up and do whatever I wanted or felt prompted to do and then TV, Facebook and phone were a very big distraction.

Now that there is a new job…things had to change. I get up earlier to make sure reading, exercise, shower and journaling are done daily…even before carpool! That is a first. Working from home is awesome, and…it requires that you stick to your schedule…a lot of things can get in the way…did I say A LOT of things can get in the way?

I am grateful to be learning this lesson and taking full advantage of it.

We are each given the same 24 hours in a day. No rollover, advanced withdraw or freezing in time allowed. Time will go and we will do with it as we will.

I am so very grateful to know this! To apply this and to see the change it is bringing in my heart.

Life is fantastic, I just get to enjoy it regularly and constantly, not in spurts.

I found that time managing has made me more productive and happier. No more guilt on wasted time because there is no more waste!

So, writing has to be worked into my schedule…I am getting there. I miss writing here. Watch out…I am coming back!