We have an 11 year old that teaches me all the time. Our little Adrianne has been a teacher and an inspiration in our family. Last year she said she wanted a Tablet. We didn’t want her to get a Tablet at 10, so, Kurt and I told her if she saved up her money, she could get one.

She did the research and found the Tablet she wanted. She visualized, she talked about it, she dreamed about it and she stay focused, not letting anything else get in the way of getting her Tablet.

Her birthday is in May, last year she got birthday moneys, she tithed and saved. Grandma came to visit and gave the grandkids money, she tithed and saved. She did her chores and we paid her, she tithed, saved in savings and then saved her spending for the Tablet. I will have you know that in less than a year, an 11 year old saved enough for the Tablet, a case for it and screen protector.

She had things along the way she really wanted…books which we made multiple trips to the library. Cute clothing…which she decided she could do without because the Tablet was more important…cute shoes…which she decided to go without the cuteness thereof for her goal. We buy her clothing and shoes, but she has an expensive taste for the extras…which if she really wants it, she buys with her own moneys.

She stuck to her goal and was able to accomplish it!

The neatest part is that, she gets it…”Mom, this feels sooooo good to buy my own Tablet! I don’t think kids that have their parents give them everything appreciate it as much as when you buy it yourself what you really want. I worked hard and saved up everything to get it. It feels awesome!”

I am so happy to see her appreciate goal setting, sticking to the course and getting it done.