upwardThis summer I’ve been hiking more than ever.

This hike is called the Bell Canyon Hike in Utah. On the internet it is described as easy…haha, I think they need to check out a dictionary to make sure their vocabulary is correct.

The picture above is the beginning of the hike. I must confess, I paused several times on my first time. 

With each stop I decided to enjoy the view, and recover my breath 🙂

The climb was steep, constant and no stop points. I had to make my own. 

Well, I dare say that with life is the same. Sometimes we have to make some stops that are not on schedule, we run out of breath it seems…and we must keep on going up!

So, although this hike looked like more than I could climb, I went. I trusted the Lord on my exercise program and voila! Now the stops are fewer, shorter and less frequent. The goal is to make it up the mountain without stops, at a fast pace and with ease. 

I am climbing because I know the view at the top is out of this world beautiful! The feeling in my heart is great because I made it and my mind knows I can do hard things.

Delicious to the soul! 


The view of Salt Lake Valley from half way up Bell Canyon.


Looking back on the trail for a moment, lets me see how far I climbed, how high I got and feel how well I did.

When we take charge of life and Call God into it to help us, there is no limit on what He can do within us, for us and through us. 

We can do hard things when we think we can’t. One step at a time. One foot in front of the other. We gain speed as we keep on going. As we get better at it.