Yesterday started as I planned and finished as I couldn’t have conceived it in my mind. Adrianne and I went on a hike to Doughnut Falls.


Doughnut Falls, UT.

My day should’ve been like this:

– Hike to Doughnut Falls with Adrianne, enjoy the falls and take some awesome pictures

– Come home, take a shower, go get tickets to a Real soccer game

– Go to the health clinic to get a vaccination waver for school registration

– Drop the waver at the JR High

– Go shopping

– Come home, have lunch and work

– Make dinner

– Go to my first soccer game ever!

How it went…not quite what I’ve planned. Yet, it was much better than my agenda.

Here is how it went:

Went to go on the hike, having never been there, so of course, I missed the turn and had to drive farther than planned, turn around and go the right way (impromptu #1). Getting there and going on the hike was wonderful! And we met a huge moose right on the path, which made us turn around and cut the hike short (impromptu #2). – a little side note, it took longer to get there than what I had allotted time for and (farther than I planned) had we gone on the full hike, the timing of the day would’ve been all behind, I’d been late to everything. Isn’t it interesting?


Love Utah! Beautiful mountains!

On the way down the canyon, I called my daughter to see if she wanted to go to the soccer game with us, she said she would like to. We have these things called “the pass of all passes” that gives great deals in family activities, and yesterday was the one soccer game that we could get tickets for with the passes. We drove to her house to get her pass to get her ticket (impromptu #2), it was fun to see her new place and to visit with her in the car.

Almost to the stadium…realize I don’t have my son’s pass…go back home (impromptu #3). Go get in line and get the tickets.


Tickets in hand to my very first soccer game ever! Funny coming from a Brasilian, don’t you think?

Went home, got cleaned up and ready to go to the health clinic. Got the waver, went to the school to drop it off and get the schedule…there was no schedule…had to wait to see the counselor and make a schedule, typing test and get it taken care of it (impromptu #4). It was great visiting with the counselor. Came home again, had lunch and my son took his sister on a tour of her school. I was able to take a little break, I was pooped from all the running around (impromptu #5).

When they got back, Adrianne and I went shopping! It was fun. She sure has a definite taste and style…at 12…haha, a friend of ours said my two older daughters were to prepare me for this one…she was absolutely right!

Came home with plan A for dinner, the rice cooker didn’t get turned on, so came up with plan B really quick (impromptu #6). As we are eating dinner, it starts raining. Nobody wanted to go to a soccer game and get soaked (impromptu #7). The kids went to a church activity and came home.

The power went out! Soooo, we sat and visit, laughed and giggled. What a great night! (impromptu #8)

My agenda went out of the window and my day went from good to great!

How do you do when your agenda doesn’t get that check mark?

Do you enjoy the journey?