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Dessert size plate, my meal at Thanksgiving

I don’t know about you, but on Thanksgiving I used to stuff myself. This Thanksgiving was amazing! I made myself a dessert size plate, which you see here. And the pies, I had slivers of each of it with a little whipping cream and ice cream.

My daughter told me it was Thanksgiving, what was I doing with a little plate…I stuck to my choice and was fine. I ate until I was satisfied and didn’t over eat! It felt fantastic!

I am looking forward to doing the holidays this way. Eat enough to enjoy and be satisfied and not over eat and feel miserable.

Thanksgiving down…December to go.

It will work out 🙂

I no longer live to eat tasty foods…I eat to live a delicious life! 

Great Day at the Gym

Yesterday was good, today was great!

I did it! I finished the whole workout, all the reps, the sets and the time on cardio.

Woot woot!

My body is in shock, it doesn’t know what to think…I like it like that.

Committed to the journey.

Doing it again tomorrow.

I no longer live to eat tasty foods…I eat to live a delicious life!

Got to be my very best. And today I did just that.

Got to the gym, gave my all and that was not all the reps, or the all the sets…however, I did them as long and as well as I was capable.

Going at it again tomorrow…giving up is not an option.

20141115_085933 20141115_090024 20141115_094409

The gym is certainly a challenge. Matt (my trainer) keeps saying, keep coring, keep the apples tight (squeezing the glutes) and suck it in as if you want your belly button to touch your spine. Ha! Do you know that it hurts to do that? It didn’t at first, because I wasn’t doing it right! Now it burns (which is great! That means things are happening on the fat layer level) 😀

I am finding muscles I didn’t know were there. The scale has not been used because I don’t want to get excited or discouraged with the weight. It will come off as a side effect, weight loss is not the goal here, being healthy is. Eating health, less of it and more often has helped me not to feel deprived. I can see the difference in my clothing, how I don’t run out of breath going up the stairs and that I can do more at the gym, has been absolutely scrumptious to me.

The small victories are huge! People around me are noticing I am getting smaller. I noticed that I am getting firmer where things used to jiggle, you know what I mean.

So grateful I am doing this. So grateful to be changing for me!

Yes, I am seeing the small victories and they are delightful!

Loving the journey of the healthier me!

I no longer live to eat tasty foods…I eat to live a delicious life! 

Another Day Done

Didn’t really want to go to the gym today.

Went and workout anyway.

So worth it!

I no longer live to eat tasty foods…I eat to live a delicious life! 

Stretching All The Way


GoFit Massage Roller is awesome

So, if you are doing corrective exercises, it is good to stretch those very tight muscles. Let me tell you… OUCH!!!!
It feels so good when you are done. Just keep that in mind.
Stretching is helpful in getting flexible again.
This past week was a little challenging on the gym schedule.
This week is going to be better. Going to bed early and getting up early. Going to the gym before I start the day. It works best that way. And it feels great, energized and ready to go.
I no longer live to eat tasty foods…I eat to live a delicious life!

Stretches Today!


I got on the road. Now, it is up to me to enjoy the ride!

Today Matt is going to teach me how to stretch the muscles I’ve been over-using and start using the ones I’ve been under-using.

This is going to be interesting. He observed me in several different postures and was able to see what needed to be done.

Stretches will be a daily routine with gym/brisk walk and eating right.

Will it be a walk in the park? Nope.

Will it be instant results? Nope.

Will it be fun? It depends on me. I am doing my best at it.

Will it be work? Yup.

Am I worth it? Absolutely!

I no longer live to eat tasty foods…I eat to live a delicious life! 

First Day at the Gym

I thought I would record in a video how I felt about my first workout on this journey.

I only did cardio and that was plenty for the day.

However, I did it! I began and I finished.

My body is telling me I did something different and the muscles can feel it well. I am happy!

Eating was good. Recording it takes a bit of work. I will get used to it.

Happy day!

No longer living to eat tasty foods…I now eat to live a delicious life! 


Today I am filling out forms to build a new eating program. I am here to tell you, if I am doing this, anyone can do this. You are talking to someone who truly enjoys cooking rich and scrumptious foods. And…enjoys eating it too.

I also enjoy my veggies, fruits and grains. However, breads, desserts and pastas have been a great part of my life. Food was comfort. Food made things better. Food tasted good when life didn’t.

Calling change in my eating habits diet,’ doesn’t work for me. It makes me feel like I am missing something, something is being taken away, making me deprived.

Exercise is Ok. I don’t love it, I can enjoy it, once I get started. It didn’t start that way. Exercise was something bad you had to do to get in shape. I’ve purchased many memberships at different gyms, they got used for a while and then they fell off my schedule, not important enough.

I know quite a bit about nutrition, the foods that are good to eat for health, the amounts and how to prepare it healthy. That doesn’t mean I do it all the time.

By nature, I am a procrastinator. By will, I am changing that to I am a goal achiever.

Regardless of the day, I am a work in progress.

I hope you will enjoy reading my posts. I am looking forward to writing them. To see the transformation of mind, body and spirit as I become a triathlon athlete at 45-46.

Is it going to be hard? Yup.

Is it going to require a lot of me? Yup.

Is it going to be difficult to stick to the schedule and foods during the holidays? Nope, I am worth it. I can have a piece of my homemade toffee, chocolate balls and butter cookies…I don’t need to have 10 of them. I will have one of each…savor every bite of it and move on.

No longer living to eat tasty foods…eating to live a delicious life!

Join me?

What Now?



Soooo, I’ve been missing in action for a little bit.

I aaaammmm baaack!

A lot has happened in my life this past year. I got a job, we moved, I enjoyed hiking, we went on vacation, and now I found myself a friend that is a trainer and he is going to help me out!

I am sooooooooo excited!

He came over today and tested my metabolism, on Monday or Tuesday we are going to the gym so he can create a program for me to do the exercises. I came up with a goal and here we go!

Meal plans, exercise schedule, reporting back on his website, and progress in sight!

I have a dream. There are many steps to get there, and I am bound and determined to make it, so you know, I am a tenacious soul. This spring I am going to run my first 5k, then a 10k, then a half marathon and keep on training so I can eventually do an Iron Man. This is way out of my comfort zone. This is way bigger than my fitness right now. However, day by day, hour by hour, I can do this. I am going to do this.

This post is like me committing to myself and whoever reads it that I am going to do what it takes to get there. This post also dates my beginning of the journey to fitness.

I will be posting regularly on my progress.

Pictures to come!

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