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The gym is certainly a challenge. Matt (my trainer) keeps saying, keep coring, keep the apples tight (squeezing the glutes) and suck it in as if you want your belly button to touch your spine. Ha! Do you know that it hurts to do that? It didn’t at first, because I wasn’t doing it right! Now it burns (which is great! That means things are happening on the fat layer level) 😀

I am finding muscles I didn’t know were there. The scale has not been used because I don’t want to get excited or discouraged with the weight. It will come off as a side effect, weight loss is not the goal here, being healthy is. Eating health, less of it and more often has helped me not to feel deprived. I can see the difference in my clothing, how I don’t run out of breath going up the stairs and that I can do more at the gym, has been absolutely scrumptious to me.

The small victories are huge! People around me are noticing I am getting smaller. I noticed that I am getting firmer where things used to jiggle, you know what I mean.

So grateful I am doing this. So grateful to be changing for me!

Yes, I am seeing the small victories and they are delightful!

Loving the journey of the healthier me!

I no longer live to eat tasty foods…I eat to live a delicious life!