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From the top left: chocolate balls, pecan brittle, English Toffee and butter/cream cookies  

When I first got married, my husband asked me to learn how to make Christmas candy from his mother. So I did. She made English Toffee, Pecan brittle, chocolate balls and butter/cream cookies. They have been a part of our Christmas tradition for years. I LOVE the toffee, chocolate balls and cookies…the brittle is good, but I don’t care much for it (too much nuts and no chocolate).

IMG_20141220_081150 IMG_20141220_081358

And…I made some cinnamon rolls. You got to understand, these are fluffy and they have a butter/cream cheese filling. It melts in your mouth!

So, every Christmas I ate my fair share and then some.

Well, this Christmas is different!

I have tasted the goodies and they taste as fantastic as they did every Christmas before this one. However, that is all I have had, a taste. They don’t look as “I must have more” as they did in years past.

They are beautiful, tasty and sitting on my kitchen table. However, I am in control of what I eat!

Committing to get fit has its perks. It makes it easier to do what needs to get done. It makes it easier to stay focused and I am sooo worth it!

Going to the gym makes it clearer what I am doing. And walking by those pans of candy without eating all I can eat is not that hard.

So excited!

I don’t feel deprived at all. If I really want to have a piece of candy or a cinnamon roll, I do. The difference is, I savor it and enjoy it to the last bite and move on.

Love my new way of life!

I no longer live to eat delicious foods…I eat to live a delicious life! 

Last week wasn’t the best, this week is better. Working on it. Giving up is not an option.

No longer living to eat delicious foods…I eat to live a delicious life! 

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