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Today I walked into the gym with limited time and the vision of jogging  20 minutes without interruption.

So, I warmed up, started on my jog and kept my goal in mind.

Got to the 7 minutes mark (which would mean I walked for 2 minutes and jogged for 5). The goal was to get to 22:00 on that display.

I usually listen to inspirational CDs as I exercise, they keep me pumped and not willing to give up when it gets tough.

Today was no different. I was listening to the importance of having a dream, to get the guts to go for it and be able to tell your story.

Well, at 45, a lot overweight and getting in shape…that was awesome to hear.

So, I got to 12 minutes…definitely noticed a little more challenge…then 17 came sooner than expected. That meant I met my personal best…the thought crossed my mind that I should call it good. Time was short and I should just do the 15.

Then my thinking changed! I walked in with a vision of 20 minutes…which would mean 22:00 had to be on the display and then 5 more minutes for cool down.

Why not?

By the time I was done with the argument in my head, I was at 18:30 minutes. I felt it in my legs, my lungs and my gut. I was jogging and keeping my stomach tight. That is work, let me tell you! 🙂

Then I started counting backwards…not I got to get to 22:00, I counted, I am on the 4 minute zone, Whew! I am entering the 3 minute mark…and then…it happened, the 22:00 was displayed on the screen!

I did it! My personal best, 20:00 minutes jogging without resting, without slowing down and with the vision in my mind’s eye.

Yes, it takes mind over body…even when it is telling you its done…the body can do more, it can go until it feels like it is going to give out…when I made up my mind to continue, my body had no other choice, it had to continue putting one foot after the other. I just got to stick with the vision and move on, one step at a time, one minute after the other.

Setting sensible goals clears the obstacles and empowers the person pursuing them.

If the last time I was on the treadmill I did 15, it makes sense to go for 20 next time…not 1 hour, that is not in a near horizon yet…it’s on its way. Five minutes increments will get me there. My mind will take my body to the next level if I let it. that is exactly what I am doing. One day at a time, progress is constant!

The brain can accomplish amazing things!

Are you letting your brain work all it is capable of working in your behalf?

Stop limiting your mind by believing your self imposed limitations.

My Personal Best was achieved today…simply because of a goal and a vision that kept me focused to finish the task before me.

Join me?

I no longer live to eat delicious foods…I eat to live a delicious life!

Did you know that as your core gets stronger, it is easier for you to keep balance?
So it is. I used to trip and fall or almost fall more often than I care to admit. Now, I have stopped myself from losing balance and stayed standing, my balance is more of a constant and I stand taller.


Doing what it takes to get in shape. Every small progress IS progress. To have a solid core, it takes exercise and persistence. I am working on it.
Today I jogged for 15 uninterrupted.
It felt amazing! I am happy!
Yup. Today was a great day!
I no longer live to eat delicious foods…I eat to live a delicious life!!!

My trainer said to do apples (squeeze the butt) and suck in the gut as I plank. Soooooo, I do.

I went on a walk twice this week  around a big block by my house, 3.35 miles to be exact. Both were brisk walks, one with my husband, we were talking, so I didn’t take the weights, when you talk and brisk walk, it is hard to keep the breathing going right…and one by myself, I took 2 3lbs weights to up the challenge.

It was hard. There is a big hill, it climbs 134 feet in 3/4 miles. And I did it! Weights and all!

I am so excited for the results I am seeing. The outline of my muscles are showing, my clothes are fitting better and I am feeling great. I have more energy, it is getting easier to exercise, go up and down the stairs and to keep on going.

I am doing this. Life is great! This year has the makings of the very best year yet!

I no longer live to eat delicious foods…I eat to live a delicious life! 

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