I love writing. Sometimes, I just sit down and the pen starts writing whatever comes to mind.

I did that this weekend. It felt fantastic!

These were things that I needed to read for myself, so my heart poured it out.

So, here we are sharing.

Have a great day! 🙂

Be More Today Than You Were Yesterday

Whatever scares you; face it.

It is not as bad as you think.

However much it paralyzes you, stand up to it.

You and God are more than it.

Whenever feeling defeated and done, remember He paid the price, you are saved and loved.

Turn to Him to find the path that will take you home.

Life isn’t fair…get over it.

It is life and we should live it, not survive it.

Love isn’t always happy. Love with your all…

That is the only way to empower your heart.

People don’t always make sense.

You are people too. Have you thought of that?

Parents will make mistakes.

They are learning parenting on each child they raise.

Children will teach parents many lessons.

They learn more by example than from words spoken.

Peace lasts as long as people will feed it.

Be a peace chef.

Anger will ignite when we don’t think before we speak.

Be a thinker before you become a speaker.

Fear appears wherever faith has been left out.

Bring faith in you wherever you go.

Dreams are built as long as we dare to have hope.

Trust God to build the dream with you. He supplies daily miracles for your dreams to come true.

Courage is earned, learned and it lives in your character.

Stand for what you believe, even when you are afraid…even when you are standing alone.

Character is who you are; it is what you do and how you live.

You do the right thing, to everyone, everywhere you go…you are constant.

A person of character is priceless!

Be one! The world needs you!

Laugh at yourself often.

It makes mistakes easier to forgive and you learn valuable lessons in the process.

Always walk your talk.

It simplifies the journey, it empowers the soul and people will know you can be counted on.

Find joy in the storm. He brought you to it or you created it yourself.

Either way, He’s got you covered.

You are living the life you created.

Sometimes we should think better thoughts, dream bigger dreams and dare to create new things.

Serve with all your heart.

You will develop a deep sense of gratitude for all you’ve been granted.

Develop good habits and stick to them.

They are the only things that will replace bad ones.

Remember, your way is not the only way…

And sometimes it may be the worse way to do what needs to be done. Be a listener, learn and apply.

Have an open door policy.

You’ll be amazed at what you may learn, find out and how much better someone else may know the path you are on.

Don’t’ judge others by their looks, speech or life. Life is made of choices and they chose what they did because of the collection of events they’ve experienced.

We all make bad choices one time or another…and…we live with the consequences…whatever they may be.

Decide to have a good day, every day you wake up! It will help you to look for the good in everything.

Ultimately, you always find what you are looking for.