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I’m Baaack!

Whew! Summer has been absolutely amazing, crazy busy and filled with good things!


Hike at Snowbird Ski Resort. It is beautiful through all seasons.


Snowbird, Utah.


Snowbird, Utah. Hiking with the family.

Life has been busy and fun!

My dad was here visiting for almost 3 months, He is Korean, partially deaf and doesn’t talk much. We just spent time together, he loved to go on “beautiful rides,” which my husband took him on all the time and he read a lot.


My 84 year old dad admiring the beauty of the mountains in Utah


I’ve been told I look like him. I tend to agree.

My kids have gone on youth camps, pioneer trek and I have taken my youngest with me on some of my hikes.

I have hiked, biked a little and exercised at home.

My goal to go on a half triathlon is being pushed back to next year. I am still training for it, with all that has gone on this year, I didn’t meet my goal, I am not giving up on it, just extending the date.

It would be very unintelligent to go forward with it unprepared.

This year I also started teaching classes on energy work with a Christian insight. The scriptures have come alive as I prepared my classes and prepared myself to teach them. That took a lot of my time.

In my church, members are asked to serve in positions of service. I had no musical talent or desire to learn music, so I assumed that I would never be asked to serve in such positions that required music incline. Ha, God has a sense of humor and sometimes I don’t think it is funny. I got asked to serve the children in our church of the ages of 3-11as their chorister. After praying and asking God what He was thinking in giving me such a calling…I accepted the calling and started teaching the kids. However, God qualifies the called, He also send my way a dear lady to offer to teach me music because she felt impressed to do so. She has been an angel, I’ve learned how to sing, read music, time the notes and emphasis on words, play games with the kids to help them learn as I am still learning.

Also, this spring and summer, I’ve been doing some heavy duty emotional releases. It has been brutal and fun. The results have been life changing. Working on my mental, spiritual, emotional and physical self has brought many discoveries and much needed healing of the soul.

So, my training for my 1/2 triathlon was more than I’d bargained for. I got to really work on self, to overcome some pretty big mountains that were old beliefs I allowed to rule how I think, feel and do.

I am getting healthier than I’ve ever been in all my 46 years.

So happy to be writing a new chapter in my book of life!

Here are some of the treasures I found and embraced this summer.

– Life is what it is, people will make choices and have to live with them. You get to be a part of their lives, and they get to be a part of yours, your choices are yours to make. Take action. Stop reacting. Stop giving them power on how you feel about yourself, what you did and what you do. Live what you believe. Start today.


One of my first hikes with my youngest daughter this year.

– The perfect picture I’ve been trying to paint for my family and self is not possible to create on my own. My canvas is painted by me and all those that hold a place in my heart. I was painting a neat picture, even beautiful in my eyes, then with marriage, I gained a wonderful husband, had children and now a grandchild. They bring their own materials, it might involve finger paint, chalk, pencil, water colors, ink…whatever form of art and with whatever painting technique, the canvas will be beautiful with all it’s different textures, colors and messages…it will be perfect…in a scriptural sense, perfect means complete, finished…it doesn’t mean flawless as the world would have you think or desire. This is so freeing to the soul! A mother’s canvas is never complete without the art work of all that she loves. And a mother’s happiness is much greater when she recognizes that a blank canvas exists to hold expression, choice and life. It is never perfect as the world would see it, it is only perfect as the heart loves each and every artist. God has a greater picture being painted right now, I am to do my part in the whole of it. That is it. Everyone has their own part on His canvas. And He is ok with that.

– As we grow older we become more of what we are. If we are happy human beings, we will be pleasant, loving and kind as we age. If we are unhappy, we are grumpy, alone and negative.

– Nothing is impossible. When God is in it, miracles happen, hearts soften and lives change.


Sometimes the science of man cannot explain the creations of God.

– Choose to be happy and you will find happiness in every day.


Loving a child brings the most amazing blessings into one’s life. I am richly blessed by my children.

– Look for the good in people and you will find people have good in them.

– Love deeply, joy and love travel together wherever they go.


My girls, my grandson and I went on a hike last week. It was so fun! I love this bunch!

I love my life. It has been delicious to live it. I wouldn’t trade anything that I’ve been through for something easier, better or happier. I am who I am today because of the roads I traveled, the dreams I built and the fears that fed my faith to grow. I am ok with that.


Every storm runs out of rain, flowers bloom and the sun rises every morning on everyone. That gives me hope for a wonderful day, every day!

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