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Get clear

I love going on hikes with my friend.

We exercise as we enjoy beautiful views and exchange points of view.

I’ve been working on a business that I am passionate about and haven’t had much constant success. No matter what I did or how hard I tried.

Yesterday I had an AHA moment in our hike. Although I love Utah, I want to move out of state, being a beach bum at heart, I miss the ocean…so, I dream of moving near beaches. That right there kept me from going forward with my business, I didn’t create roots deep enough here, where I am today to start thriving.

My excuse was, I didn’t know where I was headed, where to start and how to move forward if I was going to move.

Now that my mind is clear and I am focused, I am diving in and going for it full blast!

I’ve been teaching classes and they are full of great information on energetic alignment for the body, mind, heart and spirit using scriptures, and yet, I’ve limited myself in the attendance because in my mind’s eye, this is temporary and it doesn’t need to be big.

How silly of me!

Yesterday I started growing my roots deep enough that I can grow here, right now. And…when time comes, I will go deep again by a beach, when God takes me there.


Every morning God puts the sun in the sky for us.

Every night He takes the sun down and brings the stars and the moon to remind us He is still there.

What we do in between and how we feel is completely up to us. Our thoughts rule our lives. 

We make the day as delicious as our minds permit and as hard as our hearts desire. 

So, as you go about living and building your path, keep in mind… The day is yours, is it going to be a good one?

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