Last year, I attempted going on a hike with family and miserably failed. I was so out of shape that, half way through the hike, I gave up. It was hard to breathe, my face was purplish red, my heart was trying to jump out of my chest and I couldn’t go on anymore. That started me on a slowly but surely fitness journey.

This summer I’ve taken up hiking. Living in Utah, that is easy to do, I happen to live about a 10 minutes drive from the mouth of the canyon where there are two trails I go on an average of twice a week.

I’ve started this routine last spring. At first it was hard! My out of shape body protested and let me know it was not ok to work that hard. I ignored it and continued on my trails. I knew the result at the end of summer would be wonderful!

I got on the road of fitness out of necessity. My health was at risk. Now I am on the road of fitness because I enjoy it. I truly enjoy exercising. My gym is one of the most beautiful places I can think of.

I might be on a hiking trail, on a road biking or in my family room doing crunches (latest addition to the program, the body is still protesting that one…oh well).


I built a dream with God…that was to be healthy, fit and feeling good. It required change in a lot of things that I do. I got the opportunity to make time to exercise, change what I eat and how much I eat, feeding myself spiritually and getting rid of old emotions that don’t do me any good and actually hold me back in the progress of the journey.

This journey made me aware of the many paths that I should’ve or could’ve avoided. Hind sight is 20/20, right? No use crying over wrong paths, wasted tears and time. However, I can learn from it and move on!


Today, I have trails to go on that were chosen with God. They are kind of steep, look a bit intimidating and I am on them for the long haul. You see…where I am headed has a beautiful destination at the end. Sure, it requires I change during the process, it will push me beyond my comfort zone because “no growth happens in the comfort zone and no comfort is found in the growth zone,” that is the beauty of it.

I have chosen to exercise courage, I am going to stand in the middle of my fears and doubts, embrace the journey and look for the good in it, the joy to be had and the miracles that God brings to it, because I gave Him permission to take me through it His way, in His timing and with all His lessons for me with each step I take.

Where am I headed? I am headed to my potential, to live my gigantic dreams and help people find joy in the world today, one heart at a time.

“Where are you headed?”