I used to always be in a hurry, with a huge list of things to do, appointments to keep and places to go. I cringe when I think back of the beautiful views I missed on my hurry to get things done. It saddens me to remember dragging my little ones from place to place with no enjoyment on their part, simply because I had a list to check off.

I am glad to say, today I do stop to enjoy the views of the journey. A good conversation will take priority over my list any day. My list is not written in stone, I am flexible and willing to follow promptings and life doesn’t have only one way to be lived, there are many trails that will take me to the same destination.

I choose to be present.

This weekend my husband and I went fishing. We got up insanely early, got ready and went. We didn’t catch a thing, however, we saw a beautiful sunrise, at a beautiful place, we did some dream building, talked about things we needed to talk about, enjoyed the place we were at, had a good meal, bought delicious peaches and enjoyed the present moment of our journey. The thing we went to do was fishing, what we got to do instead was far more enjoyable because we were in the present, going about the journey with a positive attitude, an open mind and a willing heart.

Life will come at us in whatever way we need to learn from it, we can either take the time to be present, look for the good in it and embrace it or just survive the day.

I have chosen to be present, find the joy of now and dream big from that place, where my heart is happy, my mind is clear of clutter and the days are simple. Living in the now makes it for a better tomorrow and a beautiful yesterday…no regrets, great memories and amazing destinations ahead.

Live today right now, tomorrow is a possibility, not guaranteed to anyone.