I must say, the past couple of years have been a remodeling job of Sarah.

I got to face things I had no idea were there. After taking a good look at them, it was time to let them go and embrace what is.

Think about this for a moment. As a reforming perfectionist, I had this picture that was “perfect” in my mind’s eye and that is how things should be.

As I started painting the so called “perfect picture,” people were not fitting in the paint and style I was portraying them to be. You see, my beautiful picture didn’t involve other people’s artistic talents, just mine; them not “fitting in” or things not happening how they “should” happen…What I didn’t realize is this; when you get married and have children, your canvas becomes the “community’s canvas.” The other “artists” might bring chalk, watercolor, oil paint, finger paint, crayon, pencil, charcoal, whatever they color life with, however they see “beautiful” and whenever is time for them to show up…and there I stood…trying to make it look “perfect” from my point of view.

That would involve taking agency away from people. So, I could be…”happy with how it looked”. Here is the tricky part…God doesn’t take agency away, how can I? Yesterday I heard a beautiful quote; “Next to the bestowal of life itself, the right to direct that life is God’s greatest gift to man.” David Mckay.

So, my canvas now is full of different textures, styles and materials…and it is beautiful! It doesn’t “have to look a certain way” in my eyes. Everyone that has a place in my heart has a piece of my canvas. And because we are all unique and we all have a different twist on life, there will be no picture like it, there will be colors sitting next to each other that shouldn’t be together in an artistic world. They complement each other on my canvas.

My Community Canvas has smiles, tears, fears, faith, courage, dreams, nightmares, sadness, joy, adventure, boredom, freedom, depression, hope, despair, victories, defeats, losses, gain, you name it…the colors of it express it all.

I’ve learned to enjoy my community canvas. I’ve learned to love it!

You see, God Himself has the masterpiece and I add my little canvas to His work of art, called life. His canvas is much more diverse than mine…and He makes it beautiful, He makes it work and His plan fits everyone, wherever they are coming from, however they are getting there and everyone is touched by His love and mercy.

How does your canvas look? Are you appreciating the beauty in it? Are you allowing other artists to take their turn? Have you learned to be happy with what is? Have you let go of “what should, could, would’ve been”?

The bigger the community, the more diverse the art work, the greater the joy!