On one of my summer hikes this summer, my friend pointed out this tree. It was massive! Beautiful and absolutely strong! You can tell it has been there for a while. She told me to pay attention as we got closer.


So I did. As you can see in the middle of the trunk, there is a scar, or as I saw it, a mend on its trunk. My friend pointed out, can you tell that this tree  has been here for a long time and sometime in its lifetime, it tried to crack? It was ready to split right in the middle and it would’ve died. But it found a way to stay together, to make it through and be stronger for it. She was right! The tree was going to split once upon a time, but instead of giving in to it’s weakest point, it made it’s strongest point.

To do that, it had to dig deep. It had to find strength beyond it’s knowledge. It had to stay the course and be strong. IMG_2400

It’s massive roots nurtured, nursed and strengthened the whole tree. This massive tree has made it through harsh winters, beautiful springs, hot summers and peaceful falls…many of them…

It has also lived through horrendous storms, fierce winds and seen beautiful rainbows from the top of the hill it sits at. Simply because it didn’t give up when it cracked. It pulled itself together and stood still.

We as people can do the same. When we feel the weakest, when we arrive at the place of “I don’t have it in me, I don’t have anything left…”, when we get there, we can decide to do the hardest things we’ve ever done, hold our ground the longest we’ve ever attempted to and transform our weaknesses into our strengths.

God gave us weaknesses so we would bring them to Him. So we would trust Him to help us. He can transform us from the inside out. He can carry us through the greatest trials and at the end we are stronger, we know more and we are better for it.

I choose today to give my weaknesses to God, so He can mold me into Whom I was created to be.

Join me?