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Yesterday I went on a hike that I haven’t been before…sort of.

We started at a different point and ended up at a beautiful suspended bridge that I’ve gone on before. I knew how it felt to walk on that bridge. It was high and it swayed. Heights + swaying = Sarah’s nightmare!

So, as I saw our destination, I started a mental conversation with myself. “I am fine, I got this, I can and I am walking on this bridge. I feel fine. I am safe…” As I am having this mental conversation, my body decides that the body memory is much stronger than my choice to be fine.

Well…my feet went from under me and I landed on my bottom…really hard!

As I sat on the ground, I was hurting…and laughing at the same time. My mind knew what needed to happen, and my body refused.

So, I dusted myself off and proceeded to walk on the bridge, it was better than the last time I crossed it. Not quite how I wanted it to be, yet, much better (no nausea, dizziness or semi frozen state holding on to the side railings). We went on our hike and then turned around to go back to the car.

Well, when we want to learn something, change a pattern or improve ourselves, the opportunity shows up, every time, sometimes twice in the same day…On our way back as we were walking on the bridge, there comes a biker riding on it. It made it sway even more!

I had two choices; freeze and wait until he was gone or go on and get over it!

Mind over matter won! I just stayed the course and finished the crossing of the bridge with flying colors!

When something is important to you, make it happen!

Your mind is the most powerful thing you own…then again, it is just YOUR mind, and that YOU  can change!

Think better thoughts so you can do greater things.

I am going on and being more, being strong and getting it done!

Join me?