Today, March 10th, 2016 I jogged my first full mile!

This is awesome! I feel sooooo good!

I’ve been exercising for a while, going on walks, hikes, bike rides, attempted jogging and walking together and today, as I went outside, I decided to go for a full mile jog. I didn’t know it was going to be TOday…I just went out and started jogging…I kept on going without walking.

It was uncomfortable, it was a bit harder than my last adventure outside, and when I stepped outside I saw in my mind’s eye, myself coming home jogging, not walking. Can I say how cool it felt to actually do it!?!

This is the beginning of the journey of a runner. The goal is to run a marathon in training for a full Ironman. Is it a huge goal? YES! Does it scare me a little? Absolutely! Am I worth it? You bet! I had the desire last year to do this, the excuses won and I failed. This year, the desire got backed up by necessity. Because of health issues, I am taking exercising to the next level of commitment!

So, here is my first personal victory! I DID IT!

I will post as I progress on my journey.

Continual, empowering progress is the goal!