We all have a light within ourselves.

At times we choose to shine it, at times we choose to dim it so low, we almost can’t see it.

The choice to shine is ours, everyday we wake up!

Our light is God given, it is limitless on how bright it can go.

Our brightness is a matter of personal choice. Daily personal choice.

Why do we choose to dim the brightness? It could be fear, doubt, enabling someone else…or just knowing that shining will take you out of your comfort zone.

When we choose to dim our light, there is a price to pay. We live at 1/2 power, we only get to be 1/2 of our potential, and we only get to live at 1/2 joy.

And…there is a price for brightness…We stretch beyond our self imposed limitations, we get to be a lighthouse for those trying to find their way, we get to see people as God sees them – PRICELESS souls on a journey to their sacred self.