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I am so excited to share what I’ve learned! My journey has not been the easiest one to go on, yet I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

And now, I am ready to share it with you! I am offering a free class to talk about the 12 main chakras in the body and energy field. If you have no idea of what chakras are, come and learn. If you know the 7 chakras and would like to find out about the other 5, this is the class for you. And if you would like to tie energy work to the scriptures, come and join us, you will be glad you did.

Hope to see you there!


Last week we were blessed to spent in Hawaii at the Turtle Bay Resort!

I am a beach bum at heart, so it was simply scrumptiously delicious to be there!

There is nothing that says relaxation, vacation and recharge to me like being near the ocean. It is simply magical to my heart.


Today, in Utah…we got our first snow that is sticking to the ground. It is cold, it is white and it is here!

I firmly believe we are where we are supposed to be. Our vacation was phenomenal! We enjoyed every moment of it, it was so needed, we’ve been going too hard for too long without a break.

Utah has been home for many years. It is in the middle of the desert and there is no ocean in sight. However, we do have majestic mountains!

So, last week we were sunbathing at the beach and enjoying the whole experience. Today I am going to run errands in the snow and enjoy the whole experience. Do I miss the ocean, sure…do I love the mountains? Absolutely!

I was born and raised in Brasil, that is why I am a beach bum at heart; we had a beach apartment that we went to on weekends.

Since moving up to the U.S., life has been very blessed. After I got married, we got to travel to several places on the planet. We also got to live in Texas! Oh how I love Texas and the people there!

Yet, I can truly say that I am enjoying the season right now, as cold and white as it is.

All I have is now. I can hope, dream and plan for tomorrow, and tomorrow probably will get here, however, there are no guarantees.

So, I am enjoying the season I am in, where I am at and loving every minute of it.



I must say, the past couple of years have been a remodeling job of Sarah.

I got to face things I had no idea were there. After taking a good look at them, it was time to let them go and embrace what is.

Think about this for a moment. As a reforming perfectionist, I had this picture that was “perfect” in my mind’s eye and that is how things should be.

As I started painting the so called “perfect picture,” people were not fitting in the paint and style I was portraying them to be. You see, my beautiful picture didn’t involve other people’s artistic talents, just mine; them not “fitting in” or things not happening how they “should” happen…What I didn’t realize is this; when you get married and have children, your canvas becomes the “community’s canvas.” The other “artists” might bring chalk, watercolor, oil paint, finger paint, crayon, pencil, charcoal, whatever they color life with, however they see “beautiful” and whenever is time for them to show up…and there I stood…trying to make it look “perfect” from my point of view.

That would involve taking agency away from people. So, I could be…”happy with how it looked”. Here is the tricky part…God doesn’t take agency away, how can I? Yesterday I heard a beautiful quote; “Next to the bestowal of life itself, the right to direct that life is God’s greatest gift to man.” David Mckay.

So, my canvas now is full of different textures, styles and materials…and it is beautiful! It doesn’t “have to look a certain way” in my eyes. Everyone that has a place in my heart has a piece of my canvas. And because we are all unique and we all have a different twist on life, there will be no picture like it, there will be colors sitting next to each other that shouldn’t be together in an artistic world. They complement each other on my canvas.

My Community Canvas has smiles, tears, fears, faith, courage, dreams, nightmares, sadness, joy, adventure, boredom, freedom, depression, hope, despair, victories, defeats, losses, gain, you name it…the colors of it express it all.

I’ve learned to enjoy my community canvas. I’ve learned to love it!

You see, God Himself has the masterpiece and I add my little canvas to His work of art, called life. His canvas is much more diverse than mine…and He makes it beautiful, He makes it work and His plan fits everyone, wherever they are coming from, however they are getting there and everyone is touched by His love and mercy.

How does your canvas look? Are you appreciating the beauty in it? Are you allowing other artists to take their turn? Have you learned to be happy with what is? Have you let go of “what should, could, would’ve been”?

The bigger the community, the more diverse the art work, the greater the joy!

I used to always be in a hurry, with a huge list of things to do, appointments to keep and places to go. I cringe when I think back of the beautiful views I missed on my hurry to get things done. It saddens me to remember dragging my little ones from place to place with no enjoyment on their part, simply because I had a list to check off.

I am glad to say, today I do stop to enjoy the views of the journey. A good conversation will take priority over my list any day. My list is not written in stone, I am flexible and willing to follow promptings and life doesn’t have only one way to be lived, there are many trails that will take me to the same destination.

I choose to be present.

This weekend my husband and I went fishing. We got up insanely early, got ready and went. We didn’t catch a thing, however, we saw a beautiful sunrise, at a beautiful place, we did some dream building, talked about things we needed to talk about, enjoyed the place we were at, had a good meal, bought delicious peaches and enjoyed the present moment of our journey. The thing we went to do was fishing, what we got to do instead was far more enjoyable because we were in the present, going about the journey with a positive attitude, an open mind and a willing heart.

Life will come at us in whatever way we need to learn from it, we can either take the time to be present, look for the good in it and embrace it or just survive the day.

I have chosen to be present, find the joy of now and dream big from that place, where my heart is happy, my mind is clear of clutter and the days are simple. Living in the now makes it for a better tomorrow and a beautiful yesterday…no regrets, great memories and amazing destinations ahead.

Live today right now, tomorrow is a possibility, not guaranteed to anyone.

Every morning God puts the sun in the sky for us.

Every night He takes the sun down and brings the stars and the moon to remind us He is still there.

What we do in between and how we feel is completely up to us. Our thoughts rule our lives. 

We make the day as delicious as our minds permit and as hard as our hearts desire. 

So, as you go about living and building your path, keep in mind… The day is yours, is it going to be a good one?

Reading the scriptures it tells me that by doing unto the least of these I am doing it unto the Lord.

As a mother we are constantly serving…the meals, the laundry, the ‘chauffeuring’ around, the nights we were up with a sick child, the scraped knees, the broken hearts, the dream building…you know, the normal stuff that mother’s do without a second thought.

How about those that are hard to serve. People that need help constantly and if they only would change a thing or two, their lives would be much easier?

Or  people that are ungrateful and abuse the service render? How about people that are hard to forgive and still need your help?

Have you been there before?

Unfortunately I know I have many times…

Now it is easy. You may ask why is it easy?!?

Simply because I know God loves them as much as He loves me and He can’t come down and help them, so, He uses my hands, He sends me!

Simple isn’t it?

I pray to see them to me as He sees them, not as I see it with my mortal eyes. That makes it better too. Then I pray that He fills my heart with the love He has for them

Then serving becomes a walk in the park.

Simply because as I am serving others I am serving God!

“When was the last time you served whole heartedly, without expectations and felt it in your heart in that secret place where you commune with the Lord?”

God gives us promptings to help us. Many times they are for us to serve others, a many times they are for us to better our lives, health and state of mind. As human beings we tend to do for others before we do for ourselves.

Yesterday I got a lesson that I didn’t care to learn. And yet, what a treasure it was. Tell me what you think…

I’ve been praying and getting some small insights on the things I should do to get to the blessings God has shown me are in store for me. I started them and then they faded along the way. Got ‘too busy’ to do them for myself. They were not anything huge…they were: read your scriptures daily, exercise, stay away from white sugar, white flour and yeast, eat less and eat less processed foods, meditate and serve others more. I did well in the meditate and serve others more. Did well at the beginning in everything else, then life happened and all went on the back burner.

Funny that when I asked what else needed to be done for better health, more energy, more enlightenment…the answer was…do the things you’ve been told to do, don’t ask for more.

Ha! That wasn’t fun,NOT! I was quite angry at myself!

Then I processed it, let go of it, forgave myself and now I am following the promptings to a T.

Much better day today!

“Are you listening to the promptings that God is giving you? Have you checked in lately?”


Do you sometimes feel like you are running out of it? Or that you have too much and life is boring for a moment? (ask a child or teenager).

Well, time is all we have. The moment of right now is flying away as you are reading this.

What are you doing with your time? Are you using it to the best of your abilities and making great things happen in your path?

The suggestion for the day is to enjoy the time you have, do the things that make you smile and live a the life of your dreams.

Wayne Dyer has a quote I love “Don’t die with your music still in you.” There is so much truth to that.

Play all you can, learn all you are able to, dream big dreams and go conquer them.

Time is going by regardless of what you doing.

Make it count!

What is easier to focus on, the good things that happen or the bad ones?

Talking to people, the majority of them hold on to the negative and let go of the good.

How about changing that? Start with your thoughts. Thinking positive brings positive words, positive words change attitude, positive attitude increases the altitude we fly at!

Will you think and look for the positive in everything you do today?


God is simple:

We pray – He answers

We obey – He blesses us

We trust Him – He guides us

We serve Him (by serving others) – He helps us

We make mistakes – He forgives us and makes the slate clean

We hurt – He comforts us…

The only complicated part is us choosing to let Him in 😀

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