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On one of my summer hikes this summer, my friend pointed out this tree. It was massive! Beautiful and absolutely strong! You can tell it has been there for a while. She told me to pay attention as we got closer.


So I did. As you can see in the middle of the trunk, there is a scar, or as I saw it, a mend on its trunk. My friend pointed out, can you tell that this tree  has been here for a long time and sometime in its lifetime, it tried to crack? It was ready to split right in the middle and it would’ve died. But it found a way to stay together, to make it through and be stronger for it. She was right! The tree was going to split once upon a time, but instead of giving in to it’s weakest point, it made it’s strongest point.

To do that, it had to dig deep. It had to find strength beyond it’s knowledge. It had to stay the course and be strong. IMG_2400

It’s massive roots nurtured, nursed and strengthened the whole tree. This massive tree has made it through harsh winters, beautiful springs, hot summers and peaceful falls…many of them…

It has also lived through horrendous storms, fierce winds and seen beautiful rainbows from the top of the hill it sits at. Simply because it didn’t give up when it cracked. It pulled itself together and stood still.

We as people can do the same. When we feel the weakest, when we arrive at the place of “I don’t have it in me, I don’t have anything left…”, when we get there, we can decide to do the hardest things we’ve ever done, hold our ground the longest we’ve ever attempted to and transform our weaknesses into our strengths.

God gave us weaknesses so we would bring them to Him. So we would trust Him to help us. He can transform us from the inside out. He can carry us through the greatest trials and at the end we are stronger, we know more and we are better for it.

I choose today to give my weaknesses to God, so He can mold me into Whom I was created to be.

Join me?


I must say, the past couple of years have been a remodeling job of Sarah.

I got to face things I had no idea were there. After taking a good look at them, it was time to let them go and embrace what is.

Think about this for a moment. As a reforming perfectionist, I had this picture that was “perfect” in my mind’s eye and that is how things should be.

As I started painting the so called “perfect picture,” people were not fitting in the paint and style I was portraying them to be. You see, my beautiful picture didn’t involve other people’s artistic talents, just mine; them not “fitting in” or things not happening how they “should” happen…What I didn’t realize is this; when you get married and have children, your canvas becomes the “community’s canvas.” The other “artists” might bring chalk, watercolor, oil paint, finger paint, crayon, pencil, charcoal, whatever they color life with, however they see “beautiful” and whenever is time for them to show up…and there I stood…trying to make it look “perfect” from my point of view.

That would involve taking agency away from people. So, I could be…”happy with how it looked”. Here is the tricky part…God doesn’t take agency away, how can I? Yesterday I heard a beautiful quote; “Next to the bestowal of life itself, the right to direct that life is God’s greatest gift to man.” David Mckay.

So, my canvas now is full of different textures, styles and materials…and it is beautiful! It doesn’t “have to look a certain way” in my eyes. Everyone that has a place in my heart has a piece of my canvas. And because we are all unique and we all have a different twist on life, there will be no picture like it, there will be colors sitting next to each other that shouldn’t be together in an artistic world. They complement each other on my canvas.

My Community Canvas has smiles, tears, fears, faith, courage, dreams, nightmares, sadness, joy, adventure, boredom, freedom, depression, hope, despair, victories, defeats, losses, gain, you name it…the colors of it express it all.

I’ve learned to enjoy my community canvas. I’ve learned to love it!

You see, God Himself has the masterpiece and I add my little canvas to His work of art, called life. His canvas is much more diverse than mine…and He makes it beautiful, He makes it work and His plan fits everyone, wherever they are coming from, however they are getting there and everyone is touched by His love and mercy.

How does your canvas look? Are you appreciating the beauty in it? Are you allowing other artists to take their turn? Have you learned to be happy with what is? Have you let go of “what should, could, would’ve been”?

The bigger the community, the more diverse the art work, the greater the joy!

I used to always be in a hurry, with a huge list of things to do, appointments to keep and places to go. I cringe when I think back of the beautiful views I missed on my hurry to get things done. It saddens me to remember dragging my little ones from place to place with no enjoyment on their part, simply because I had a list to check off.

I am glad to say, today I do stop to enjoy the views of the journey. A good conversation will take priority over my list any day. My list is not written in stone, I am flexible and willing to follow promptings and life doesn’t have only one way to be lived, there are many trails that will take me to the same destination.

I choose to be present.

This weekend my husband and I went fishing. We got up insanely early, got ready and went. We didn’t catch a thing, however, we saw a beautiful sunrise, at a beautiful place, we did some dream building, talked about things we needed to talk about, enjoyed the place we were at, had a good meal, bought delicious peaches and enjoyed the present moment of our journey. The thing we went to do was fishing, what we got to do instead was far more enjoyable because we were in the present, going about the journey with a positive attitude, an open mind and a willing heart.

Life will come at us in whatever way we need to learn from it, we can either take the time to be present, look for the good in it and embrace it or just survive the day.

I have chosen to be present, find the joy of now and dream big from that place, where my heart is happy, my mind is clear of clutter and the days are simple. Living in the now makes it for a better tomorrow and a beautiful yesterday…no regrets, great memories and amazing destinations ahead.

Live today right now, tomorrow is a possibility, not guaranteed to anyone.

Where Are You Headed?


Last year, I attempted going on a hike with family and miserably failed. I was so out of shape that, half way through the hike, I gave up. It was hard to breathe, my face was purplish red, my heart was trying to jump out of my chest and I couldn’t go on anymore. That started me on a slowly but surely fitness journey.

This summer I’ve taken up hiking. Living in Utah, that is easy to do, I happen to live about a 10 minutes drive from the mouth of the canyon where there are two trails I go on an average of twice a week.

I’ve started this routine last spring. At first it was hard! My out of shape body protested and let me know it was not ok to work that hard. I ignored it and continued on my trails. I knew the result at the end of summer would be wonderful!

I got on the road of fitness out of necessity. My health was at risk. Now I am on the road of fitness because I enjoy it. I truly enjoy exercising. My gym is one of the most beautiful places I can think of.

I might be on a hiking trail, on a road biking or in my family room doing crunches (latest addition to the program, the body is still protesting that one…oh well).


I built a dream with God…that was to be healthy, fit and feeling good. It required change in a lot of things that I do. I got the opportunity to make time to exercise, change what I eat and how much I eat, feeding myself spiritually and getting rid of old emotions that don’t do me any good and actually hold me back in the progress of the journey.

This journey made me aware of the many paths that I should’ve or could’ve avoided. Hind sight is 20/20, right? No use crying over wrong paths, wasted tears and time. However, I can learn from it and move on!


Today, I have trails to go on that were chosen with God. They are kind of steep, look a bit intimidating and I am on them for the long haul. You see…where I am headed has a beautiful destination at the end. Sure, it requires I change during the process, it will push me beyond my comfort zone because “no growth happens in the comfort zone and no comfort is found in the growth zone,” that is the beauty of it.

I have chosen to exercise courage, I am going to stand in the middle of my fears and doubts, embrace the journey and look for the good in it, the joy to be had and the miracles that God brings to it, because I gave Him permission to take me through it His way, in His timing and with all His lessons for me with each step I take.

Where am I headed? I am headed to my potential, to live my gigantic dreams and help people find joy in the world today, one heart at a time.

“Where are you headed?” 

Get clear

I love going on hikes with my friend.

We exercise as we enjoy beautiful views and exchange points of view.

I’ve been working on a business that I am passionate about and haven’t had much constant success. No matter what I did or how hard I tried.

Yesterday I had an AHA moment in our hike. Although I love Utah, I want to move out of state, being a beach bum at heart, I miss the ocean…so, I dream of moving near beaches. That right there kept me from going forward with my business, I didn’t create roots deep enough here, where I am today to start thriving.

My excuse was, I didn’t know where I was headed, where to start and how to move forward if I was going to move.

Now that my mind is clear and I am focused, I am diving in and going for it full blast!

I’ve been teaching classes and they are full of great information on energetic alignment for the body, mind, heart and spirit using scriptures, and yet, I’ve limited myself in the attendance because in my mind’s eye, this is temporary and it doesn’t need to be big.

How silly of me!

Yesterday I started growing my roots deep enough that I can grow here, right now. And…when time comes, I will go deep again by a beach, when God takes me there.


Every morning God puts the sun in the sky for us.

Every night He takes the sun down and brings the stars and the moon to remind us He is still there.

What we do in between and how we feel is completely up to us. Our thoughts rule our lives. 

We make the day as delicious as our minds permit and as hard as our hearts desire. 

So, as you go about living and building your path, keep in mind… The day is yours, is it going to be a good one?



I’m Baaack!

Whew! Summer has been absolutely amazing, crazy busy and filled with good things!


Hike at Snowbird Ski Resort. It is beautiful through all seasons.


Snowbird, Utah.


Snowbird, Utah. Hiking with the family.

Life has been busy and fun!

My dad was here visiting for almost 3 months, He is Korean, partially deaf and doesn’t talk much. We just spent time together, he loved to go on “beautiful rides,” which my husband took him on all the time and he read a lot.


My 84 year old dad admiring the beauty of the mountains in Utah


I’ve been told I look like him. I tend to agree.

My kids have gone on youth camps, pioneer trek and I have taken my youngest with me on some of my hikes.

I have hiked, biked a little and exercised at home.

My goal to go on a half triathlon is being pushed back to next year. I am still training for it, with all that has gone on this year, I didn’t meet my goal, I am not giving up on it, just extending the date.

It would be very unintelligent to go forward with it unprepared.

This year I also started teaching classes on energy work with a Christian insight. The scriptures have come alive as I prepared my classes and prepared myself to teach them. That took a lot of my time.

In my church, members are asked to serve in positions of service. I had no musical talent or desire to learn music, so I assumed that I would never be asked to serve in such positions that required music incline. Ha, God has a sense of humor and sometimes I don’t think it is funny. I got asked to serve the children in our church of the ages of 3-11as their chorister. After praying and asking God what He was thinking in giving me such a calling…I accepted the calling and started teaching the kids. However, God qualifies the called, He also send my way a dear lady to offer to teach me music because she felt impressed to do so. She has been an angel, I’ve learned how to sing, read music, time the notes and emphasis on words, play games with the kids to help them learn as I am still learning.

Also, this spring and summer, I’ve been doing some heavy duty emotional releases. It has been brutal and fun. The results have been life changing. Working on my mental, spiritual, emotional and physical self has brought many discoveries and much needed healing of the soul.

So, my training for my 1/2 triathlon was more than I’d bargained for. I got to really work on self, to overcome some pretty big mountains that were old beliefs I allowed to rule how I think, feel and do.

I am getting healthier than I’ve ever been in all my 46 years.

So happy to be writing a new chapter in my book of life!

Here are some of the treasures I found and embraced this summer.

– Life is what it is, people will make choices and have to live with them. You get to be a part of their lives, and they get to be a part of yours, your choices are yours to make. Take action. Stop reacting. Stop giving them power on how you feel about yourself, what you did and what you do. Live what you believe. Start today.


One of my first hikes with my youngest daughter this year.

– The perfect picture I’ve been trying to paint for my family and self is not possible to create on my own. My canvas is painted by me and all those that hold a place in my heart. I was painting a neat picture, even beautiful in my eyes, then with marriage, I gained a wonderful husband, had children and now a grandchild. They bring their own materials, it might involve finger paint, chalk, pencil, water colors, ink…whatever form of art and with whatever painting technique, the canvas will be beautiful with all it’s different textures, colors and messages…it will be perfect…in a scriptural sense, perfect means complete, finished…it doesn’t mean flawless as the world would have you think or desire. This is so freeing to the soul! A mother’s canvas is never complete without the art work of all that she loves. And a mother’s happiness is much greater when she recognizes that a blank canvas exists to hold expression, choice and life. It is never perfect as the world would see it, it is only perfect as the heart loves each and every artist. God has a greater picture being painted right now, I am to do my part in the whole of it. That is it. Everyone has their own part on His canvas. And He is ok with that.

– As we grow older we become more of what we are. If we are happy human beings, we will be pleasant, loving and kind as we age. If we are unhappy, we are grumpy, alone and negative.

– Nothing is impossible. When God is in it, miracles happen, hearts soften and lives change.


Sometimes the science of man cannot explain the creations of God.

– Choose to be happy and you will find happiness in every day.


Loving a child brings the most amazing blessings into one’s life. I am richly blessed by my children.

– Look for the good in people and you will find people have good in them.

– Love deeply, joy and love travel together wherever they go.


My girls, my grandson and I went on a hike last week. It was so fun! I love this bunch!

I love my life. It has been delicious to live it. I wouldn’t trade anything that I’ve been through for something easier, better or happier. I am who I am today because of the roads I traveled, the dreams I built and the fears that fed my faith to grow. I am ok with that.


Every storm runs out of rain, flowers bloom and the sun rises every morning on everyone. That gives me hope for a wonderful day, every day!

I Gave My All!

20150401_120910Yesterday I went to the gym with the intent to swim for my workout. The plan was 10 laps and I thought that would be good. When I got to 10, I thought…I can sure get to 15…then 20, 25 and 30 laps (a mile is 35 laps). By the time I got to 30, I was feeling it…a LOT.

Then I decided that 5 more laps were not impossible…they would be more work than the others, more effort and more concentration to stay focused…not impossible.

My toe started to cramp, my arms and shoulders were showing me muscles I forgot existed and they were protesting, my breathing was harder and I was spent…

The cool and not so cool part is that you do a lap in halves. I mean, you swim one length and then you get to go back to the start to finish the lap. So I counted 30, 30 and a 1/2, 31…

I cannot tell you how wonderful it felt to finish at 35. I was exhausted, sore and elated all in the same breath.

When I got to my car, I could tell my body was hurting, and yet, my mind was telling me job well done!

I gave my all to get to the 35th lap. It felt fantastic to do my best and finish it!

I didn’t know I had it in me to do it. I wasn’t planning on it. It just kept me going and I got there.

This fitness journey has been the most challenging thing I’ve done in my life. It has been the most rewarding thing I’ve done in a while. Doing it for me, to be healthy and to live a good life.

Each day is another day on the journey…and I am finding joy in it.

“I no longer live to eat delicious foods…I eat to live a delicious life.”

I love writing. Sometimes, I just sit down and the pen starts writing whatever comes to mind.

I did that this weekend. It felt fantastic!

These were things that I needed to read for myself, so my heart poured it out.

So, here we are sharing.

Have a great day! 🙂

Be More Today Than You Were Yesterday

Whatever scares you; face it.

It is not as bad as you think.

However much it paralyzes you, stand up to it.

You and God are more than it.

Whenever feeling defeated and done, remember He paid the price, you are saved and loved.

Turn to Him to find the path that will take you home.

Life isn’t fair…get over it.

It is life and we should live it, not survive it.

Love isn’t always happy. Love with your all…

That is the only way to empower your heart.

People don’t always make sense.

You are people too. Have you thought of that?

Parents will make mistakes.

They are learning parenting on each child they raise.

Children will teach parents many lessons.

They learn more by example than from words spoken.

Peace lasts as long as people will feed it.

Be a peace chef.

Anger will ignite when we don’t think before we speak.

Be a thinker before you become a speaker.

Fear appears wherever faith has been left out.

Bring faith in you wherever you go.

Dreams are built as long as we dare to have hope.

Trust God to build the dream with you. He supplies daily miracles for your dreams to come true.

Courage is earned, learned and it lives in your character.

Stand for what you believe, even when you are afraid…even when you are standing alone.

Character is who you are; it is what you do and how you live.

You do the right thing, to everyone, everywhere you go…you are constant.

A person of character is priceless!

Be one! The world needs you!

Laugh at yourself often.

It makes mistakes easier to forgive and you learn valuable lessons in the process.

Always walk your talk.

It simplifies the journey, it empowers the soul and people will know you can be counted on.

Find joy in the storm. He brought you to it or you created it yourself.

Either way, He’s got you covered.

You are living the life you created.

Sometimes we should think better thoughts, dream bigger dreams and dare to create new things.

Serve with all your heart.

You will develop a deep sense of gratitude for all you’ve been granted.

Develop good habits and stick to them.

They are the only things that will replace bad ones.

Remember, your way is not the only way…

And sometimes it may be the worse way to do what needs to be done. Be a listener, learn and apply.

Have an open door policy.

You’ll be amazed at what you may learn, find out and how much better someone else may know the path you are on.

Don’t’ judge others by their looks, speech or life. Life is made of choices and they chose what they did because of the collection of events they’ve experienced.

We all make bad choices one time or another…and…we live with the consequences…whatever they may be.

Decide to have a good day, every day you wake up! It will help you to look for the good in everything.

Ultimately, you always find what you are looking for.

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