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  Have you ever looked back on a day, month, year or decade and wished you had made different choices, done things better, forgiven quicker or simply would do anything for a chance to do things over?
Welcome to your humanity!

Unfortunately time keeps on moving forward and stops for no one, never rewinds and moves things along regularly and continually.

That leaves us with regret. The Noah Webster 1828 dictionary says:

Basically, regret is pain. 

I like to find good in things that happen to me, especially the pain of regret. I am consciously choosing to let regret empower me. There are decades of regret of not taking better care of my body. Not exercising and eating better. Done with that program. This is the year I am going to be the fittest I’ve ever been. I am worth the time, effort and money that it takes to be healthy and I am worthy of it, period. 

Regret of words not spoken, or worse, spoken in anger; raising kids in a way that was not the best, yet, it was the best I had at that time; doing things I knew better than to do and did them anyway…the list is long. The action step is simple; stop feeling bad and start the change by speaking kindly today, being a better parent to my grown children  today, making better choices today. It changes the outcome, it changes me and it changes my world.


 The choice is always mine. When looking back on the decades wasted and gone, I can let it fuel me to change or I can do nothing and let time go by, knowing with certainty that later on, the regret will be greater and more painful.That is not acceptable!

What are you doing with your regrets?What are you letting them do to your mind and heart? Take charge and use them to bring good into your life! Stop feeling bad and start feeling empowered by them to do different, be more and go places you never been in life, because you didn’t know they existed! 

See you in the doing of things!


Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 7.43.36 AM

I am so excited! My life is about to change in a big way! I finally am in a place where I can stand and share what I’ve learned in my personal healing journey and help others do the same.

There are so many different types of energy work, so many ways of doing it. For me, I found that energy work is very powerful when you match it with the scriptures. It is plain and simple, it empowers people, it clears the mind and we can stop surviving and start living…with joy and hope in every day we wake up!

Chakras are great! They are connectors of our emotions, energy and beliefs. Throughout time God has given truth to His children, everywhere in the world in different ways, chakras are universal, eternal and amazing!

Because we are creatures of habit, once we adopt a belief, it runs our lives; good or bad, we live it every day. By aligning our energy, we can set ourselves free of self-imposed limitations (do to our beliefs) and really enjoy the day!

I am so grateful for all the experiences I lived through. Great people have blessed my life, wonderful insights have appeared in my journey and my healing has been an amazing experience. When my journey began with deep depression, about 22 years ago, counseling and serious contemplation of who I was and what I was made of; teachers appeared, spiritual gifts from God showed up and I began the climb to spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. Although not done with healing (it is a daily process for as long as we are alive), a lot was learned and my life is all the better for it.

This is beyond my comfort zone and it is so thrilling at the same time! If you want to see what growth faraway of being comfortable looks like, I will keep you posted here. It has all the makings to be an exciting, faith growing, nerve testing and fantastic experience!


This year I develop a new hobby, hiking. It has been a slow journey, however it has been fantastic! So, slow and fantastic go together, I think.

I have a friend that introduced me to this hill. It took 3 pics to show the size of the thing. She calls it the “Bun Burning Hill.” No explanation necessary after you see the pictures.

Last week I took another friend to the hill and she challenged me to go at it without stopping. A month ago, I used to take 3 breaks on the climb, then 2 and last week I was at 1. After the challenge last week,  I made it to the top of the hill without taking a break! Yay me! I thought I was doing great!

I shared my victory with the friend that introduced me to the hill, she congratulated me and said that I needed to do it again! Today! So I went hiking with her, she does a light jog up the hill, I…walk slowly with my walking sticks. Well, ThomaLee (that’s her name) had funny ideas cooking up in her head.

We did it 3x without stopping. I told her I was done (I had arrived at the spot where the body says, “ok, this was fun, time to quit”). She said,”Really? I got a 5 in me” with a big smile on her face.

That made me stop and ask myself, “Are you REALLY done or is this just the spot where we stop because we are getting tired?” I amazed myself with the answer that it was the spot where we are getting tired.

So, telling myself in my thinking, all the way up and down, “I can and I am climbing this bum burning hill all the way to the top” we made it 5x without stopping!

I can, I am and I did it! 

So, when you think it is rough, when you want to quit, ask yourself, “Do I want to quit because I gave my all and I have nothing left or is it because this is as far as I’ve ever been and I don’t know what is beyond this point?”

If the answer is the second one, go on, be strong, you got this!

The bottom of this picture is the bottom of the hill.

This is the middle of the beast. And the picture bellow is the top.

Life Thoughts



On one of my summer hikes this summer, my friend pointed out this tree. It was massive! Beautiful and absolutely strong! You can tell it has been there for a while. She told me to pay attention as we got closer.


So I did. As you can see in the middle of the trunk, there is a scar, or as I saw it, a mend on its trunk. My friend pointed out, can you tell that this tree  has been here for a long time and sometime in its lifetime, it tried to crack? It was ready to split right in the middle and it would’ve died. But it found a way to stay together, to make it through and be stronger for it. She was right! The tree was going to split once upon a time, but instead of giving in to it’s weakest point, it made it’s strongest point.

To do that, it had to dig deep. It had to find strength beyond it’s knowledge. It had to stay the course and be strong. IMG_2400

It’s massive roots nurtured, nursed and strengthened the whole tree. This massive tree has made it through harsh winters, beautiful springs, hot summers and peaceful falls…many of them…

It has also lived through horrendous storms, fierce winds and seen beautiful rainbows from the top of the hill it sits at. Simply because it didn’t give up when it cracked. It pulled itself together and stood still.

We as people can do the same. When we feel the weakest, when we arrive at the place of “I don’t have it in me, I don’t have anything left…”, when we get there, we can decide to do the hardest things we’ve ever done, hold our ground the longest we’ve ever attempted to and transform our weaknesses into our strengths.

God gave us weaknesses so we would bring them to Him. So we would trust Him to help us. He can transform us from the inside out. He can carry us through the greatest trials and at the end we are stronger, we know more and we are better for it.

I choose today to give my weaknesses to God, so He can mold me into Whom I was created to be.

Join me?

Where Are You Headed?


Last year, I attempted going on a hike with family and miserably failed. I was so out of shape that, half way through the hike, I gave up. It was hard to breathe, my face was purplish red, my heart was trying to jump out of my chest and I couldn’t go on anymore. That started me on a slowly but surely fitness journey.

This summer I’ve taken up hiking. Living in Utah, that is easy to do, I happen to live about a 10 minutes drive from the mouth of the canyon where there are two trails I go on an average of twice a week.

I’ve started this routine last spring. At first it was hard! My out of shape body protested and let me know it was not ok to work that hard. I ignored it and continued on my trails. I knew the result at the end of summer would be wonderful!

I got on the road of fitness out of necessity. My health was at risk. Now I am on the road of fitness because I enjoy it. I truly enjoy exercising. My gym is one of the most beautiful places I can think of.

I might be on a hiking trail, on a road biking or in my family room doing crunches (latest addition to the program, the body is still protesting that one…oh well).


I built a dream with God…that was to be healthy, fit and feeling good. It required change in a lot of things that I do. I got the opportunity to make time to exercise, change what I eat and how much I eat, feeding myself spiritually and getting rid of old emotions that don’t do me any good and actually hold me back in the progress of the journey.

This journey made me aware of the many paths that I should’ve or could’ve avoided. Hind sight is 20/20, right? No use crying over wrong paths, wasted tears and time. However, I can learn from it and move on!


Today, I have trails to go on that were chosen with God. They are kind of steep, look a bit intimidating and I am on them for the long haul. You see…where I am headed has a beautiful destination at the end. Sure, it requires I change during the process, it will push me beyond my comfort zone because “no growth happens in the comfort zone and no comfort is found in the growth zone,” that is the beauty of it.

I have chosen to exercise courage, I am going to stand in the middle of my fears and doubts, embrace the journey and look for the good in it, the joy to be had and the miracles that God brings to it, because I gave Him permission to take me through it His way, in His timing and with all His lessons for me with each step I take.

Where am I headed? I am headed to my potential, to live my gigantic dreams and help people find joy in the world today, one heart at a time.

“Where are you headed?” 

I love writing. Sometimes, I just sit down and the pen starts writing whatever comes to mind.

I did that this weekend. It felt fantastic!

These were things that I needed to read for myself, so my heart poured it out.

So, here we are sharing.

Have a great day! 🙂

Be More Today Than You Were Yesterday

Whatever scares you; face it.

It is not as bad as you think.

However much it paralyzes you, stand up to it.

You and God are more than it.

Whenever feeling defeated and done, remember He paid the price, you are saved and loved.

Turn to Him to find the path that will take you home.

Life isn’t fair…get over it.

It is life and we should live it, not survive it.

Love isn’t always happy. Love with your all…

That is the only way to empower your heart.

People don’t always make sense.

You are people too. Have you thought of that?

Parents will make mistakes.

They are learning parenting on each child they raise.

Children will teach parents many lessons.

They learn more by example than from words spoken.

Peace lasts as long as people will feed it.

Be a peace chef.

Anger will ignite when we don’t think before we speak.

Be a thinker before you become a speaker.

Fear appears wherever faith has been left out.

Bring faith in you wherever you go.

Dreams are built as long as we dare to have hope.

Trust God to build the dream with you. He supplies daily miracles for your dreams to come true.

Courage is earned, learned and it lives in your character.

Stand for what you believe, even when you are afraid…even when you are standing alone.

Character is who you are; it is what you do and how you live.

You do the right thing, to everyone, everywhere you go…you are constant.

A person of character is priceless!

Be one! The world needs you!

Laugh at yourself often.

It makes mistakes easier to forgive and you learn valuable lessons in the process.

Always walk your talk.

It simplifies the journey, it empowers the soul and people will know you can be counted on.

Find joy in the storm. He brought you to it or you created it yourself.

Either way, He’s got you covered.

You are living the life you created.

Sometimes we should think better thoughts, dream bigger dreams and dare to create new things.

Serve with all your heart.

You will develop a deep sense of gratitude for all you’ve been granted.

Develop good habits and stick to them.

They are the only things that will replace bad ones.

Remember, your way is not the only way…

And sometimes it may be the worse way to do what needs to be done. Be a listener, learn and apply.

Have an open door policy.

You’ll be amazed at what you may learn, find out and how much better someone else may know the path you are on.

Don’t’ judge others by their looks, speech or life. Life is made of choices and they chose what they did because of the collection of events they’ve experienced.

We all make bad choices one time or another…and…we live with the consequences…whatever they may be.

Decide to have a good day, every day you wake up! It will help you to look for the good in everything.

Ultimately, you always find what you are looking for.

Random Thoughts


I got to teach a class at church yesterday. So, here are some of the thoughts from the lesson and some thoughts I didn’t share, and yet, got me to say the things I did.

– We are eternal beings having an earthly experience. Meaning…if we look at the moment with the bigger picture in mind, it makes the trials and tribulations that much easier to be lived, not survived; learned from, not feel like you are being punished; and to share the lesson, not be bitter about it…Knowledge doesn’t become wisdom until we apply it. When we keep eternity in mind, the goal is to return to God and live. All the ‘overwhelmness’ of life becomes small stuff (yes, I just created a word). We get overwhelmed when we lose focus of what is really important and we let the unimportant things consume our energy.

– Goals are life saving devices. They delay gratification, they stretch our thinking, doing and speaking. Goals keep us focused on the final result, which makes it easier to walk through the muck on they way there. We will arrive at where we focus our vision. Don’t let the focus be in your ‘hard’ reality. Live through it and get going to where your goal is. Create goals with God, He knows what you are capable of, what He built for and how fast He made you. It would be a fantastic move to include Him in everything. He has miracles in His back pocket and His speed is faster than the speed of light. Yup, He would be a good one to include in the setting of goals.

– Pay your tithes. God gave you 100% of His money and He is asking for 10% back to do good things (all you have that you can call it yours is your agency. Your body, people and everything else is His). You get to keep 90% of it and when you give the 10% back, He sends blessings! I think it is a heck of a deal, and yes, it is true, I’ve been on that plan for over 26 years and the benefits are out of this world good. Also, live in a way that you can put a little away for a rainy day …10% sounds like a good number to start. Do your bills with your spouse, so both of you know your financial situation. If you don’t have a spouse, do it alone and always start with prayer. Thank the Lord for the bills (you get to use all the things you are paying for and you have money to pay them), have gladness in your heart, don’t let the adversary get into your thinking and bring contention into the bill paying. Pay your tithes and yourself first. It won’t work on paper, but it does work out. I don’t know how to explain, it just does.

– Keep track of your finances for a month. See where you can cut down and save up from. You will be amazed at how much money you will come up with.

– Become Spiritually prepared. Pray with intent, converse with the Lord, He is your Father, He knows you better than you know yourself. He is your biggest cheerleader, He wants you to succeed in life. And He knows how to help you do exactly that. Read your scriptures…every day (if even just a verse). He cannot change your thinking and doing, if you don’t have in you. Study His word, there is a lot of good in it…we just need to dig in. Fasting in prayer is awesome! How do you fast? Start with a prayer and bring it to the Lord the things that you are fasting about…health, children, habits, attitude, weaknesses, finances, guidance…whatever you are fasting for, present it to the Lord, explain your heart and go without food (I usually start on saturday night after dinner and end on Sunday night before dinner, do what you can, if all you can do is one meal, one meal is enough…He knows what you are capable of)…think about what you are fasting for and pray during your fast and, end it with a prayer. After you fast, don’t eat a huge meal. Eat lightly, you just finished a fast. Live what you learned. Did you read about being in tune with the Lord…work at it. How about being patient …exercise patience in all things (that one was mine for years…I am much better at it because of giving weaknesses unto God, so He can make them strengths). Maybe you read about honoring father and mother…how are you doing on that? Be willing to get closer to God and you are bound to get spiritually prepared.

– Teach your children and those around you by example. If you see something that a family member is doing that you don’t agree with, don’t go preach. Go do. Live the Doctrine you believe in. Words are great, action is louder: “actions speak louder than words,” “love is a verb,” “children spell love T I M E,” “who you are speaks so loud that I can’t hear what you are saying…” They are all short reminders to us to walk our talk. Our kids watch us more than listen to what we are saying. They do listen, so watch your words, remember they learn better by seeing what you are doing.

– The Lord has an individual plan for each of His children. Our potential is limitless as He is. Our limitations are the ones we believe ourselves. He has a path laid out for each of us and our loved ones. Are we checking with Him what that is? Are we being obedient to His commandments? Are we being humble in our attitude? We have commandments to keep us out of trouble and trouble away from us. Like in the farm, the fence keeps the flock in and the predators out. It is not a punishment or a lack of freedom, it is a safety device. Same with the commandments of God to His children, each priceless and beautiful in His eyes.

– Store some foodstuff aside. Have a mini store in your home. If a job is lost, a pay cut comes your way, food won’t be a worry. It is there. It may not be fancy, delicious or lots of variety, but it is there to be consumed. Nobody has to go hungry, we can provide for ourselves and not stress if there will be money to buy food. When you do store food, it allows you to buy things on sale, because you don’t need it right at that moment, you can wait until the prices go down. I am very grateful to have lived through a job change not going so well, and have had the food to deal with it and the knowhow to prepare it.

Well, this is my randomness for the day. I hope it will do someone out there some good. It sure did me good to put it down in words. It solidifies it in my mind.

See you in the doing of things.


Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.03.36 PM


Where are you headed? Check your internal GPS to make sure is somewhere good 😀

Merry Christmas!


Life has been blessed beyond belief! From very early in the morning until we go to bed. Lots to do and the same 24 hours that everyone gets to get things done.

I am so grateful for Christmas because of Christ.

I am grateful for my Savior and for the relationship I have with Him.

This Christmas I am choosing to receive the Christmas spirit, embrace it throughout the next year, carrying it with me in my heart and live a better life because of it.

Merry Christmas, remember to love deeply…as you are loved by the very God that created you and gave His Son so we could go back to Him  and live!


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