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Every morning God puts the sun in the sky for us.

Every night He takes the sun down and brings the stars and the moon to remind us He is still there.

What we do in between and how we feel is completely up to us. Our thoughts rule our lives. 

We make the day as delicious as our minds permit and as hard as our hearts desire. 

So, as you go about living and building your path, keep in mind… The day is yours, is it going to be a good one?


The Brain Amazes Me


This past week Kurt and I took Gabriel and Adrianne to the Hill Aerospace Museum. I had been there before a decade or so ago. Since then I have learned a lot, I look for little treasures and I look at things differently.

Here is where we started in the history of flying and also where we are past beyond.

Isn’t it amazing what the brain can think up?

From wood to metal, from flimbsy to solid, from very slow barely above the ground to extremaly fast, high and powerful.

When we look at the history of anything we can see the amazing progress and the successes achieved. If we look deeper, we will find the tries that didn’t work and yet, taught us something.

So it is with our thinking, our faith and our growth.
We are limitless in creativity! We are limitless in whatever we decide to go deeply, with purpose, faith, energy and passion.
Life is meant to be lived to its fullest, it is up to us on how full life can and will be, how bright it will get and how joyous it will feel to the heart.
Take your self imposed limitations off and go Ollin (all in). You will never be the same again!


Have I told you that I am a mutt? I am Brazilian by birth, was raised there and moved to the U.S. when I was 17. My mom’s grandpa was German and her mom’s grandma had some Brazilian Indian in her. I am the only child and would like to go with my dad to Korea. So I could see where he is from. Personally I have very little of Korean influence in my life. My mom did most of my raising, I like Korean food and I love Eastern medicine, acupuncture, herbs, medicinal teas, understanding of how the energy works in the body. The Orient is so far ahead in the understanding of the human body. It fascinates me. Natural healing is awesome! So, yeah, Korea is on my bucket list! I

Goal Accomplished


My son Gabriel is 14, I don’t know of a more literal soul upon the planet than this young man. He wanted a laptop for playing games. Mom and dad said that if he wanted a computer, he better start saving and make it a goal. I got to watch the whole process unfold before my eyes. He had a desire, it became a dream, then a goal…he got a job as a substitute sweeper at his school; he didn’t take long to become permanent and also got asked to work on Christmas break, that made him extra money fast.Saturday his dad took him to make his biggest purchase yet. He is thrilled, we are thrilled for him to have stuck to the plan and realized his dream so quickly. He knew that there would be rules with his computer and he is alright with that. It doesn’t go in his room, there are time limits and we have his password to check in once in a while.
I am very thankful for his example of focus and his determination to get what he dreamed of.
He is 14 and helping me stay on track. How awesome is that?


Well, here we are. I love to write, talk, dream, learn, apply learning, do new things, laugh and most importantly LIVE!

In this spot I am going to share a little of me with you. In the things I share, I am hoping to maybe reach out to someone and maybe help them out of something they are going through, about to go through or have just finished and need a boost.

We all have life experience. It is up to us to make them a good thing or a bad one. Hind sight is always better. As we are in it, sometimes we can only see what is right in front of our noses. Everything else looses focus.

I am a Christian, as you read my short stories, you need this little piece of information to know where I am coming from and where I am headed with it.

Life has not been a bed of roses. It has been paradise and hell, it has been filled with highs and lows, I’ve lived fabulous dreams and the bad nightmares and I have enjoyed living  every single minute of it.

I hope you enjoy my journeys. They have been out of this world good!


Meet Sarah


I am a entrepreneurial/creative stay at home mom of 4 kids, two are moved out and the other two keep me plenty busy.

I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and moved to the U.S. when I was 17 years old.

Things that I enjoy doing…go on dates with my husband Kurt, spend time with family and friends, read, learn, I am a beach bum at heart, absolutely love to travel, cook delicious meals and desserts, quilt, and I really like to find joy in everything I am doing.

Life is never supposed to be an overwhelming thing that we survive every day. Life is meant to be enjoyed, shared and lived to its fullest!

One bite at a time.

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