So, my Friday post is a little late…almost a week late.

Life has been blessed beyond belief and I just have been enjoying the blessings.

Ok, eating…I’ve done better, smaller portions, not so many treats and eating healthier. It feels good.

Exercising, I exercised 4 days last week, which is an improvement since my canning adventures. If felt fantastic to have those endorphins waking up in my brain and energizing me.

Spiritual and mental…can I say WOW?! I’ve been immersing myself in the scriptures and great books, doors in my mind are opening that I didn’t even know existed.

I am a size smaller (still tight), so I choose to keep wearing the bigger size, it feels great to be comfortable in my pants and even better to know that I can get into smaller ones if I want to.

This is a fun journey! I am working on it as I go, guilt free, seeing results and loving myself each day. Regardless if I did great, well or bad in my eating, exercising or studying I am going to keep on going. It is a long road, traveling my life with joy in my heart. That helps my health all by itself 😀